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November 20, 2018

HONOR's Best Camera Phone Under 300 Dollars

When choosing a camera phone, some of us may need to consider the budget. If your budget for a camera phone is under 300, we will help you find the best camera phone in that price range.

As we all know, HONOR is the leading phone brand for the young and brave. It has produced many phone models for different people with different needs. If you are the person who want the best camera phone under 300, you are right here. Today’s article will show you the HONOR’s best camera phone under 300.

First of all, let see the table below:

Model Camera Battery Price
HONOR 10 24MP+16MP New Dual AI Camera 3400mAh £399.99
HONOR Play 16MP + 2MP Dual AI Camera Phone 3750mAh £279.99
HONOR 9 Lite 13MP + 2MP Front Camera 3000mAh £179.99
HONOR View10 20MP+16MP Dual-Lens Camera 3750mAh £399.99
HONOR 7X 16MP + 2MP Dual-Lens Camera 3340mAh £229.99
HONOR 7S 13MP HD Camera 3020mAh £99.99
HONOR 7A 13MP Rear Camera 3000mAh £129.99
HONOR 7C 13MP + 2MP Dual-Lens Camera 3000mAh £159.99

It can be easily seen that there are 6 phones’ prices are under 300. They are HONOR Play, HONOR 9 Lite, HONOR 7X, HONOR 7S, HONOR 7A, HONOR7C, then do you know which one is the best camera phone? We recommend HONOR Play, which can be said the best camera phone under 300.

To help you know better about HONOR Play’s camera, we will list its key magic features below:

1. Good 16 MP Dual Camera with AI NPU

HONOR Play has a 16MP + 2MP Rear camera with AI NPU, and it identifies 22 different categories and 500 scenarios in real time.

best camera phone under 300

2. 16MP Front

HONOR Play supports 16 MP front camera, that’s means it will support you to take good selfies easily as you like. Any time you want to take selfies, you can open the 16MP front camera and let it capture your best look with artistic beautification and wonderful bokeh effect, so that you can share them with your family members or friends.

3. AI Portrait Selfies & 3D Portrait Lighting

HONOR Play also supports different portrait modes and lighting for selfies. The AI algorithm empowers you to experiment with five different studio-like portraits to enhance your selfie game.

camera lighting of HONOR Play

4. Smart AI Gallery Management

The intelligent AI Gallery helps you classify your pictures of different scenarios, and automatically selects your photos and videos based on time, location, holiday, and occasions etc.

camera photo management

Therefore, with the above 4 key magic features, HONOR Play is the best camera phone under 300.