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Android Enterprise Recommended Devices

Android Enterprise

Android Enterprise Recommended HONOR devices, certified by Google, have met the high bar for hardware and software set for businesses, allowing your enterprise to easily access bulk deployment, more adaptable management options and enhanced security updates.

Best recommendations for enterprise equipment

With Android Enterprise Recommended devices, your business can effortlessly manage and deploy devices in a secure manner.

Android Enterprise Recommended Devices

Flexible device management

HONOR devices offer the flexibility of full management or work-only management options, allowing businesses to tailor their option based on specific needs.
Android Enterprise Recommended Devices

Diversified device deployment options

HONOR devices present an array of deployment options, including zero-touch, QR code scanning, NFC, and more, making bulk device deployment both streamlined and secure for businesses.
Android Enterprise Recommended Devices

Regular security updates

Starting from the day your device ships, we guarantee security updates within 90 days for the next two years at least. Additionally, you can expect at least one OS upgrade during this period.

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