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November 20, 2018

HONOR's Best Budget Smartphone With Good Camera

Nowadays, when people want to take photos of their life, they only need a smartphone with good camera. With the development of smartphones, we can easily find budget smartphone with good camera to satisfy our daily demands. Then do you know HONOR’s best budget smartphone with good camera? Just read on and you will find the answer.

HONOR smartphone camera

First of all, to let you know better about the cameras of the HONOR’s smartphones, we made the table below:

Models Rear Camera Dual Camera AI Camera Aperture
HONOR 10 24MP+16MP Yes Yes f/1.8
HONOR View 10 20MP+16MP Yes Yes f/1.8
HONOR Play 16MP+2MP Yes Yes f/2.2
HONOR 7X 16MP+2MP Yes No f/2.2
HONOR 7C 13MP+2MP Yes No f/2.2
HONOR 9N 13MP+2MP Yes No f/2.2
HONOR 9 Lite 13MP+2MP Yes No f/2.2
HONOR 9 12MP+20MP Yes No f/2.2
HONOR 7A 13MP+2MP Yes No f/2.2
HONOR 7 20MP No No f/2.0
HONOR 7S 13MP No No f/2.2

From the table above, we can see that HONOR 10, HONOR View 10, and HONOR Play are in the top 3, which have good camera.

To find the best budget smartphone with good camera, we make a comparison with its key features including the price. Just see the table below:

Models Price Processor Battery Rear Camera Front Camera AI Aperture
HONOR 10 £399.99 Kirin 970 3400 24MP+16MP 24MP Yes f/1.8
HONOR View 10 £399.99 Kirin 970 3750 20MP+16MP 13MP Yes f/1.8
HONOR Play £279.99 Kirin 970 3750 16MP+2MP 16MP Yes f/2.2

It can be easily seen that HONOR 10 and HONOR View 10 are in the same price, but the HONOR 10’s camera is better than HONOR View 10. Therefore, if you want smartphone with god camera, it is recommended that you choose the HONOR 10.

Compared HONOR 10 with HONOR Play, we can get the conclusion that HONOR 10’s camera’s MP and aperture are all better than HONOR Play. Certainly, HONOR Play is cheaper than HONOR 10, but if you want good camera, we strongly recommend you the HONOR 10, it will suit your needs better.

Actually, except for the higher MP (megapixel) and aperture, HONOR 10 also highlights with its camera magic features including real-time recognition of different scenarios, 4-in-1 light-fusion technology, AR lens, Panorama, Monochrome function, Light painting mode, custom shooting mode and so on.

HONOR 10’s camera

Now, you may have your answer that HONOR 10 is HONOR’s best budget smartphone with good camera. If you are looking for a budget smartphone with good camera, HONOR 10 will be your best choice. After all, £399.99 is really a sensible price for a handset with such a good camera.