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我的荣耀 开启荣耀之旅

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July 16, 2021

Shot on HONOR (July-Vol.1)

Fans from all over the world, with HONOR phone in their hands, record the beautiful moments of life. As a global iconic technology brand, Honor is committed to creating a new world of wisdom for everyone. Through continuous innovation, we will bring better user experience to consumers around the world, empower life with technology, freeze time in the most convenient form, and retain the most memorable moments.

中国粉丝rine 用荣耀50Pro手机拍摄

Shot on HONOR 50 Pro by rine, China

中国粉丝北山荒秃 用荣耀50手机拍摄

Shot on HONOR 50 by 北山荒秃, China

The 100-million-pixel ultra-definition lens refreshing the history of HONOR, with 1/1.52-inch photosensitive area, f/1.9 aperture, 9-in-1 2.1μm equivalent pixels, it is hard to imagine that this is actually a phone lens. Whether it is a garland under a mountain or pure black and white light and shadow, the world under the lens of the HONOR smart phone is so clear.

英国粉丝Tamil G 用荣耀9X Pro拍摄

Shot on HONOR 9X Pro by Tamil G,UK

It’s incredible that I defeated Covid-19, which also made me physically and mentally exhausted. Taking advantage of the light rain outside, I left the room isolated for a month to enjoy this rare tranquility. The rain gradually drenched me but made me feel the meaning of life. I noticed a butterfly landing on the flower and took out the HONOR phone to photograph this scene. The little butterfly gave me the strength to break out of the cocoon. I am very happy that I can return to HONOR community again, posting photos, and interacting with everyone.

中国粉丝许多8877 用荣耀30拍摄

Shot on HONOR 30 by 许多8877, China

印度粉丝 Samudra 用荣耀手机拍摄

Shot on HONOR by Samudra, India

This photo was taken in an abandoned garden near Kolkata, India. These colorful little things are called tortoise beetles. They like to wander and fly from hedges to and fro. It is usually difficult to focus. Thanks to the HONOR phone and my patience, I finally managed to snap this photo, which made me very happy.

中国粉丝 An1ee3 用荣耀V40拍摄

Shot on HONOR V40 by An1ee3, China

印度粉丝 Umer 用荣耀手机拍摄

Shot on HONOR by Umer, India

It was a harvest afternoon, and I went to the field to observe the growth of rice. Suddenly, I was attracted by a small bug. It slowly, step by step from the rice stalk has climbing to the rice ear. I took out my HONOR smartphone to seize the moment, although I don’t know what species it was. But I felt the vitality of nature.

葡萄牙粉丝 zec_mendes 用荣耀10拍摄

Shot on HONOR 10 by zec_mendes, Portugal

I came to a place I have never been before-- Peniche, a Portuguese resort known for its surf beaches and beautiful coastline. This photo was taken in the most beautiful scenic spot: Baler Island. Here you can see the amazing white cliffs and wave, this is one of the hundreds photos. The waves hitting on the rocks, and the rocks were carved into elegant works of art. I am very happy to be able to record this scene with my HONOR smartphone.

中国粉丝 Anyone_of_us 用荣耀V30 Pro拍摄

Shot on HONOR V30 Pro by Anyone_of_us, China

葡萄牙粉丝 zec_mendes 用荣耀V20 Pro拍摄

Shot on HONOR V20 Pro by zec_mendes, Portugal

Every Saturday it’s our family time. We go out to enjoy a moment of tranquility without a clear destination. We passed Ponte de Lima, a historic Portuguese city. Rippling in the river on a cruise boat, the water is beautiful and dreamy under the sunlight. When I took out my HONOR smartphone, I accidentally dropped it on the deck, but it still works, so I could capture this wonderful moment.

俄罗斯粉丝 Zkv 用荣耀手机拍摄

Shot on HONOR by Zkv, Russia

中国粉丝 小火柴的火 用荣耀30 Pro拍摄

Shot on HONOR 30 Pro by 小火柴的火, China

西班牙粉丝solitaria92 用荣耀9X Pro拍摄

Shot on HONOR 9X Pro by solitaria92, Spain

Due to the pandemic, the government imposed a curfew and turned off streetlights early. The city lights kept us from seeing the starry sky above for a long time, so I pull out a tripod and set up my HONOR phone. Be patient during the shooting and try to avoid blurring caused by touching the phone. It took me more than 2 hours and I got such a photo. If there is any trick: patience and battery charger are indispensable (laugh).