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September 2, 2019

HONOR 8X: Smooth in your Hand, Easy on your Eye

We tend to think of our phones as crafted to be functional and comfortable, not as trendy accessories to be admired from afar. But the HONOR 8X is the rare exception, integrating style with substance, by seamlessly incorporating practical features into an aesthetic form.

HONOR 8X: Smooth in your Hand, Easy on your Eye

In an era of stagnant smartphone design, in which every model seemingly looks the same, the HONOR 8X opts for a bold appearance. Both the front and rear covers are made up of textured 2.5D aurora glass, furnishing a glossy look with a smooth finish. The 15-layer, intricately-processed glassback produces cascading waves of light and color. The original two-shade design features a mesmerizing, light-toned vertical band along the left side, providing fashion-savvy users with a design that is edgy… in every sense of the word.

Stylish indeed, but also functional. At just 7.8mm thick, the HONOR 8X provides for effortless handling and one-handed operations. The use of COF (Chip on Film) technology, an advanced manufacturing process previously seen only on flagship models, results in a paper-thin 4.25mm bottom bezel, or "chin". COF enables the chip to wrap around the other components rather than stack on top of them as in the standard COG (Chip on Glass) method, saving 1.5mm of space and making the ultra-slim bottom bezel possible.

HONOR 8X: Smooth in your Hand, Easy on your Eye

Due to its use of pioneering technology and premium materials, the HONOR 8X feels like a compact 5.5"-screen phone when held, but the vast 6.5" display with a soaring 91% screen-to-body ratio draws in the viewer in an almost spellbinding manner. The lifelike visuals on the 8X serve as the perfect medium for streaming video and intensive gaming.

However, unlike many other smartphones that feature a bezel-less display, the HONOR 8X screen is wholesome as well as hypnotic, having been certified by global authority TÜV Rheinland for low blue light. This means that users can depend on the HONOR 8X for all day work and leisure, secure in the knowledge that the display has been specially designed to protect vision and eye health.

HONOR 8X: Smooth in your Hand, Easy on your Eye

In melding a premium visual effect with an aesthetic design and dedicated craftsmanship, the HONOR 8X represents an unprecedented commitment to quality in an entry-level smartphone. Rather than settling for an inferior experience, HONOR 8X users are able to enjoy the look and feel of a flagship model at an affordable price.

One year after the releasing of the HONOR 8X, the legendary X series is coming back. The HONOR 9X will be released soon, and HONOR will definitely bring us more innovation and enhancement.