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December 24, 2018

EMUI 9 in HONOR 10 Lite: Smarter and Safer Connections

Loaded with EMUI 9.0 upon Android 9 Pie, HONOR 10 Lite embraces Android system’s updated properties since the very beginning. Android 9 Pie provides more consummate supports for the special shaped screens represented by pearl screen, and further enriches the supports by the nerve network. Combined with the loaded Kirin 710 AI chip, HONOR 10 Lite brilliantly ignites unprecedented AI experiences.

HONOR 10 Lite

The smarter and safer AI communication

In the perspective of communication tech, as the enterprise that has operated in the communication field for a long term, HONOR has a deeper tech accumulation than other common manufacturers. With the launch of HONOR 10 Lite, HONOR introduces us AI communication functions, including AI elevator mode, AI high-speed train mode, AI anti-fake base station, WLAN+ and more. The hottest talking point on these functions is AI elevator mode, the AI aided communication tech that recognizes the entry and exit status of the users in elevator and realizes a quick resume of 4G network connection once out of elevator.

HONOR 10 Lite AI communication

Most importantly, AI communication makes our mobile phones safer. HONOR 10 Lite’s AI anti-fake base station could realize anti-fake function at the chip level, and support 4G anti-fake base station to more accurately block the fraud information from those pseudo base stations, ensuring more carefree mobile use.

WLAN+ function

HONOR 10 Lite features pretty novel WLAN+ function, which allows for activating dual-channel network connection. It smartly selects the optimum WLAN connection or use WLAN network for mobile data network connection in parallel, in a way to ensure the smooth flow of network. For those applications like mobile games and stock investment that require for real-time network connection with minimum time delays, this function proves to be very practical!

Three AI visual capabilities: AI translation, AI object recognition and AI scan shopping

Added with powerful AI chip and AI system, HONOR 10 Lite provides super great AI dual-camera photos, AI communication as well as three AI visual capabilities including AI translation, AI object recognition and AI scan shopping. Three AI visual capabilities are the very gelivable benefits introduced by Magic Slide full screen flagship HONOR Magic2, and now you HONOR 10 Lite also owns it.

The key talking point is AI translation. When you travel abroad, HONOR 10 Lite’s AI translation is truly easy to use: firstly open AI vision in the camera, choose “translation” button to do the photo-taking translation that supports the inter-translating between the commonly used 10 languages and Chinese, a super fantastic function indeed.


With the added AI tech, EMUI 9.0 experience on HONOR 10 Lite feels very forward-looking in its design concepts. No matter AI translation and AI object recognition, we find them all surprising to our vision. AI communication makes our mobile safer to avoid property loss. In general, HONOR 10 Lite’ s EMUI 9.0 is the smart mobile system that combines AI functions, practicability and security into one, creating a first-rated fun playing experience for us.