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December 17, 2018

HONOR 10 Lite: Another Budget Gaming Phone in 2018

HONOR Lite series has always been reputed as the collection with high beauty index and young connation embodying “goodness and colorfulness”, which ensures the mobile itself with super attractive appearance and avoids the body color looking dull and boring. Not unexpectedly, HONOR 10 Lite sets a high benchmarking for its appearance designs and hardware configuration. Then, how brilliant is this mobile’s gameplay performance? Let’s find out more.

HONOR 10 Lite in white color

Hardware: Kirin 710 swiftly handles with large scenes of mobile games.

HONOR 10 Lite is equipped with Kirin 710 processor infused with 12nm techniques and loaded four A73 big cores+ four A53 small cores. The big cores’ top main frequency is set as 2.2GHz, while the small cores as 1.7 GHz. HONOR 10 Lite adopts Mali-G51 GPU in Bifrost architecture in combo with GPU Turbo 2.0 and Kirin 710 chip, whose gameplay properties get further enhanced with fulfilled optimization on core tech specific to its supported gaming key functions and extreme scenes (like group combat and loaded devices etc.).

Currently GPU Turbo 2.0 has completed the priority adapted configuration for 9 hot heavy-load games (“Honor of Kings, PUBG MOBILE, Army to Attack, Knives Out, Onmyoji, QQspeed, NAB2K18, Cross Fire, Honkai Impact 3).

We select “Honor of Kings” and “PUBG MOBILE” for testing the gameplay performance of HONOR 10 Lite. Since Kirin 710 pertains to the super cost effective chip family developed by Huawei for mid-end mobile market, these two mobile games are solid enough to validate how gelivable it performs.

Start the game of “Honor of Kings, select high frame rate, and then in the gaming interface with fully open special effects, open FPS display. No matter it is prophase development or middle and late phase of group combats, the frame rate shown on the top of screen keeps floating between 55FPS and 60FPS with smooth releasing of gaming skills, no internet lag happens, and the network connection speed proves to be very stable without the occurrence of problems like response delays.

Now say the other game “PUBG MOBILE”, when we activate the highest image quality, and with double optimization by HONOR 10 Lite SWs and HWs, the characters, gaming scenes, plants and rocks and more landscape elements displayed in the “PUBG MOBILE” seems very sophisticated and clear. And during the game, you could profoundly experience the perfectly comfortable flowing feel brought by the game pictures.

Undergoing the severe tests of these two hot mobile games, HONOR 10 Lite proves to be the mobile phone priced at thousands RMB that can easily run large scenes of mobile games. Even following the successive tests of two mobile games, HONOR 10 Lite does not indicate any abnormal instances like overheated body and fast power loss. Its overall performance is rated as pretty good.

HONOR 10 Lite’s black in white color


Priced at RMB 1399 (around $205), HONOR 10 Lite provides a favorable new option for lots of student users and the young ones in job market. Its gradient color schemes + 3D body uplift the mobile’s overall beauty index to a new high. Compared with all the flagship mobile phones from various brands in the market, HONOR 10 Lite perhaps indicates some gaps in its composite performances, but its configuration is good enough to meet the demands of smooth daily use. And plus with 24-megapixel AI selfies and high beauty index that rivals flagship ones, HONOR 10 Lite is absolutely the most worthy choice among those products at same pricing level.