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September 23, 2021

HONOR Launches Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography Technology, Setting a New Benchmark for Mobile Imaging

[Beijing, China -- September 22, 2021] - Global technology brand HONOR today launched its Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography technology on the HONOR Magic3 Series in China. As an all-round flagship smartphone boasting cutting-edge technology, the HONOR Magic3 Series has gotten recognition from consumers in the domestic market. HONOR’s market share has risen to 16.2%, achieving an unprecedented V-shaped recovery that has almost hit the highest level in HONOR’s history.

Redefining Mobile Imaging Standards with Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography to Achieve a Full-Focus HD Shooting Experience

HONOR has partnered with world-leading R&D technicians and core experts in the field of imaging algorithms to provide strong technical support for the imaging system of HONOR Magic3 Series. HONOR’s philosophy for imaging is to capture moments that reflect reality and to give color to creators’ inspiration. In light of that, HONOR is committed to enhancing the future development of mobile phones, including improving basic image quality and scenario optimization to provide a one-stop mobile photography and videography experience. The HONOR Image Engine platform and the innovative Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography represent a new chapter in smartphone photography and videography, enabling people to express their emotions, thoughts, attitudes, and feelings using the power of technology.

Fusion computational photography has become a growing trend for smartphone imaging systems, since the space for imaging hardware improvement has traditionally been constrained by the small body size of smartphones. Although fusion computational technology has undergone advancements from single-camera multi-frame fusion to multi-camera multi-frame fusion with single focus, the power of fusion between multi-camera and software algorithm has not been fully realized. HONOR’s Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography sets out to resolve this.

At one-time zoom, HONOR’s Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography delivers a fusion of the color main camera and the monochrome camera. In the wide-angle focal range, the fusion of the color main camera and the ultra-wide-angle camera is adopted and in the telephoto focal range, the color main camera and the telephoto camera are intelligently used, achieving a HD shooting experience in all scenarios.

Color Camera Sensor and Monochrome Camera Sensor AI Fusion

For smartphones, the size of the camera sensor impacts the clarity of the final images. With smartphones becoming thinner and lighter, challenges between the sensor size and the thickness of the phone is getting more difficult to resolve. To ensure image quality can be improved without increasing the sensor size, the HONOR Magic3 Series offers a fusion solution between the color sensor and the monochrome sensor, with the color sensor providing enhanced exposure and vivid colors and the high-definition monochrome sensor delivering better texture and details.

To overcome the problem of aligning two photos produced by two sensors, the HONOR Magic3 Series adopts an AI intelligent fusion solution, ensuring the pixel levels are aligned while correcting the dual-lens parallax, and improving the success rate of image fusion. With HONOR’s AI intelligent fusion technology, the image clarity increases by 18% and light intake increases by 13%, delivering stunning visuals in vivid detail for users to enjoy.

Color Main Camera and Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera Fusion for Clearer Wide-Angle Shots

The ultra-wide-angle lens has become a standard feature in smartphones. Using an ultra-wide-angle lens, the number of pixels captured decreases, often impacting the level of details presented. Improving overall image quality, the HONOR Magic3 and HONOR Magic3 Pro are equipped with a 13MP ultra-wide-angle lens, while the HONOR Magic3 Pro+ boasts HONOR’s highest resolution 64MP ultra-wide-angle lens.

The HONOR Magic3 Series’ main camera works with the ultra-wide-angle lens to enhance the picture quality for wide angle shots. The fusion algorithm fills in the details of the middle part with information obtained by the main camera, increasing the clarity of the center of the picture by up to 80% and enhancing the picture quality captured by the ultra-wide-angle lens. To avoid inconsistencies between the center and the edge of the image after fusion, the HONOR Magic3 Series adopts Smart Zone Smoothing to ensure natural and clear photos even after AI fusion.

Color Main Camera and Telephoto Camera Fusion for Clearer Telephoto Shots

Capturing images using a short to medium focal length is common practice when shooting portraits, however many smartphones are equipped with a fixed focal-length lens. When shooting at a short to medium focal length, the camera needs to achieve continuous image zooming through image cropping and digital zoom, which impacts the image quality. Delivering an enhanced experience ensuring high quality images, the HONOR Magic3 Pro and HONOR Magic3 Pro+ deliver a fusion of the main color camera and telephoto camera, optimizing the sharpness of the images captured by the telephoto lens, which can cover a focal length between 54mm to 94mm and increase the clarity of the zoom image by up to 180%. The HONOR Magic3 Pro and HONOR Magic3 Pro+ are equipped with a 64MP periscope telephoto camera and support both Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). Together with the main camera and telephoto camera fusion, the HONOR Magic3 Series enables users to shoot and capture clear scenery and people even at a distance.

HONOR Launches Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography Technology, Setting a New Benchmark for Mobile Imaging

HONOR Magic3 Pro, before fusion

HONOR Launches Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography Technology, Setting a New Benchmark for Mobile Imaging

HONOR Magic3 Pro Tele+Main, after fusion

Fusion Computational Photography Technology Differentiation

The HONOR Magic3 Series’ multi-camera fusion algorithm has been designed based on the HONOR Image Engine platform. Through advanced imaging algorithms and an optimization across RGB, grayscale, spectrum and depth, the system is able to reconstruct the imaging process, optimize efficiency, and integrate end-to-end imaging capabilities across different platforms to deliver stunning and high-quality images in a unique and consistent style. Based on this revolutionary platform, the innovative Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography is a new solution that integrates the four cameras on the smartphone to deliver an industry-leading photography and videography experience.

HONOR Launches Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography Technology, Setting a New Benchmark for Mobile Imaging

In the future, HONOR will continue to focus on its long-term goal of delivering technological breakthroughs and innovative products, designed to meet the needs and expectations of consumers on a global scale. The launch of the innovative Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography technology represents HONOR’s commitment to delivering best in class photography and video capabilities, strengthening its position in the global high-end market, and reinforcing HONOR as a global iconic technology brand.

At the event, HONOR also revealed that the HONOR MAGIC MOMENTS Awards will be accepting submissions from September 22. In the era of mobile imaging, smartphones have become the most popular tool to capture magic moments in life. HONOR MAGIC MOMENTS Awards is focused on smartphone film creation and photography, to encourage the public to record and share the beautiful moments of life anytime and anywhere.

HONOR Launches Ultra Fusion Quad-Camera Photography Technology, Setting a New Benchmark for Mobile Imaging

HONOR MAGIC MOMENTS Awards has invited a panel of well-known industry experts as judges. With their unique aesthetic vision and rich industry experience, they help encourage professional photographers and photography enthusiasts to participate and to unearth outstanding creators with HONOR.

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