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September 26, 2018

Which HONOR Phones Have the best Battery Life

In daily life, the last thing you want to see is that you find your phone’s battery is running low when you need it most. How to avoid this kind of thing from happening? In addition to bringing a quick charger, what you also need to do is to choose a phone with a better battery life. As a leading smartphone brand, HONOR provides many model options for you. Do you know how to choose the favorite one from them? Which HONOR phone has the best battery life? There are more than 10 products on the HONOR’s official site, which one’s battery performance is better? Today, we will list the battery feature of all HONOR phones below for a comparison.

1. HONOR Play
HONOR play has a long battery life, and it supports 1.5-day heavy usage with a 3750mAh (typ.)

honor play’s battery life

It allows you to say goodbye to the receding battery meter. Presenting the mighty 3750mAh battery with HONOR Fast Charge that gives you longer battery life. A battery that charges in minutes but lasts for hours.

honor play’s battery life

2. HONOR 10
HONOR 10’s battery life may vary based on usage patterns and network conditions. Its 3400 mAh is typical and you can use it for a whole working day with moderate use.

honor 10’s battery life

3. HONOR 9 Lite:
Always-on battery
HONOR 9 Lite is 3000mAh, the HONOR 9 Lite’s battery has been tested rigorously and optimized through our fifth-generation smart battery saving technology, allowing you to go a whole day on a single charge. With six power-saving features help you keep going, you can enjoy 86 hours offline music listening or 13 hours offline video watching, without worries.

honor 9 lite’s battery life

HONOR 9N’s battery is 3000mAh for a typical daily use. It is a phone lasts a full work day with moderate use.

honor 9n’s battery life

5. HONOR view10
HONOR View10 owns a battery that charges in minutes, but lasts for hours. You can use the HONOR View10 for 5.5 hours of gaming, 19 hours of video playback, 160 hours of music playback, 21 hours of 4G browsing, or 23 hours of 3G talk *2. Its Smart Power Management capability learns from user behavior to keep you connected even longer. What’s more, it is with 3750 mAh battery.

honor view10’s battery life

6. HONOR 7x
HONOR 7x’s battery is 3340 mAh. Generally, it supports a whole day moderate use.

honor 7x’s battery life

6. HONOR 7s
HONOR 7s’s battery is 3020 mAh, lower than HONOR 7x. Typically, it supports a whole day in normal use.

honor 7s’s battery life

As to the other three models, HONOR 7A and HONOR 7C has the same battery which is 3000mAh, while HONOR 9 is 3200mAh. All of the HONOR phones’ battery are listed below for your reference, it is obvious that HONOR Play and HONOR View10 are the best phones in battery storage:

Modal Battery
HONOR 10 3400mAh
HONOR Play 3750mAh
HONOR 9N 3000mAh
HONOR 9 Lite 3000mAh
HONOR View10 3750mAh
HONOR 7X 3340mAh
HONOR 7S 3020mAh
HONOR 7A 3000mAh
HONOR 7C 3000mAh
HONOR 9 3200mAh

Usually, the battery above 3000mAh can typically support a whole day’s normal use with no worries. If you list battery on the top of all your concerns, you can choose the HONOR Play or HONOR View 10 because of their battery storage are quite large. Their 3750mAh battery can support 1.5-day heavy usage. They are the winners in HONOR phones’ battery life.