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September 26, 2018

Best Gaming Smartphone with Android System

To be faster and faster, HONOR Play is born for the game. Presumably how amazing HONOR Play is, everyone has already known through the conference. What are the main elements of playing mobile phones? The performance, screen, and battery can be summarized. First of all, the battery is the foundation. The large battery capacity can guarantee the super endurance of the mobile phone. Secondly, the performance is indispensable. HONOR Play is equipped with EMUI 8.2 system, which is the first time that the products of HONOR use this system. It is specially optimized for the game, which further exerted the strength of the Kirin 970 AI processor. What’s more, a larger and clearer full screen make the visual experience keep up with performance.

best gaming smartphone with android system– honor play

We have already introduced about the screen in the previous article Best Gaming Smartphone with Large Screen, so the focus of this article will be the performance and battery of HONOR Play.

As the pioneer, HONOR Play took the lead in dazl's latest EMUI 8.2 system, which is also based on the Android 8.1 smart system. It is an evolution of EMUI 8.1. Why it’s an evolution: Because the ‘Play’ attribute of HONOR Play. EMUI 8.2, with 6GB large RAM, has been optimized for the game. Compared to EMUI 5.0, its phone performance increased by more than 20%, fast response capability increased by 60%, the fluency is even doubled.

best gaming smartphone with android system– battery

Maybe you are tired of the three buttons and like more the fingerprint integration module in HONOR 10, in that case you can adjust the system navigation bar selection. There are three options for you to choose. Its operation logic is the same as in HONOR 10: Tap back to the previous column, press back to the main interface, and slide left and right into the multitasking bar.

best gaming smartphone with android system– system navigation

For the game, especially the mainstream game such as HONOR of Kings, PUBG, etc., HONOR Play is not inferior to iOS. The reason why we say that is because the game interface of HONOR Play is perfect for HONOR of Kings, unlike using HONOR 10 and all-shaped full-screen mobile phones of other brands, some content will be blocked by the bangs.

best gaming smartphone with android system– game

HONOR Play benefits from the full screen, making the body compact. Its 6.3-inch size is only equivalent to the 5.5-inch traditional 16:9 screen size, but its battery capacity has not shrunk. A 3750mAh large battery of HONOR Play, combined with the optimization of EMUI 8.2 system, makes it easy for heavy users to play for a day. HONOR Play uses Super Charge technology, which can be filled with 35% in half an hour. And the high charging efficiency up to 18W makes charging fast in low heat.

Of course, as the flagship of HONOR brand, it also comes with a transparent soft protective cover. Its wrapping is also all-round, as well as the guarantee of HONOR quality, so that people do not need the bumper of the mobile phone. Compared with the personalized mobile phone case, the original self-contained transparent case is still the most characteristic of the mobile phone.

best gaming smartphone with android system– honor

So such a cost-effective performance flagship phone, do you want to buy it?