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Report Overview

Committed to Creating a Better Future

Focusing on 7 pillars including Environmental Protection, Technology for Good, Youth Empowerment, HONOR pushes the envelope with human-centric innovation and contributes to creating a new intelligent world for everyone.

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection - 1



Achieve carbon neutrality in our own operation
Reduce carbon emissions by 88% compared to 2022
Use 100% renewable energy

Environmental Protection - 2



Reduce carbon emissions by 36% compared to 2022

Environmental Protection - 3



Achieve carbon peak Promote TOP100 suppliers to set carbon reduction targets and take solid actions

Environmental Protection - 4



Began to adopt clean energy with an 8% usage ratio in the first year

Green Products

Green Products - 1

128 mobile phones and latops obtained certification on environmental protection from CQC

Green Products - 2

Approximately 876 tonnes green gas emissions were reduced by using green products

Green Products - 3

Around 4,440 tonnes hazardous substances and materials were cumulatively reduced

Green Products - 4

2,185 tonnes electronic waste were recycled as of 2023

Green Products - 5

Green Manufacturing

Green Manufacturing - 6

Green Manufacturing

Green Manufacturing - 1

85% processes on manufacturing lines were automated

Green Manufacturing - 2

Photovoltaic power station has been put into service, expected to provide 700,000 kWh clean electricity per year

Green Operations

Green Operations

Green Operations - 1

In 2023, we implemented green operations across all office parks

Green Operations - 2

The adoption of paperless operations in internal offices and offline service stores in 2023 saved the equivalent of 108 masson pines from being cut down

Green Operations - 6
Privacy - 1


Privacy - 2

Over 60

Led or participated in the formulation of released or approved standards on privacy and security

Privacy - 3

Over 200 million

Intercepted over 200 million pieces of fraudulent

Privacy - 4

AI Governance

Integrated AI Governance into our business operations, established the TAI-U model based on privacy awareness and user journey

Tech for Good

Tech for Good - 1

4.66 million

Over 4.66 million users benefited from visual assistance features

Tech for Good - 2

0.94 million

Over 0.94 million users benefited from hearing assistance features

Tech for Good - 3

26 Projects

26 Projects have been completed and implemented to meet the demands of the elderly

Tech for Good - 4


Created the first tablet to be certified with minor protection according to national standards

Tech for Good - 5

Over 1 billion

Established the HONOR Oasis Eye Care Laboratory and will invest over 1 billion yuan in the field of eye protection research over the next 3 years

Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment - 1
Youth Empowerment - 2


HONOR Talents Global Design Awards received 25,000+ submissions, covering 240+ universities in 40+ countries

Youth Empowerment - 3


HONOR Talents Developer Awards attracted 1,000+ developers

Youth Empowerment - 4


HONOR Tech Innovation Awards attracted over 150 universities nationwide participated by more than 5,300 students

Youth Empowerment - 5


The 1st HONOR Talents Original Music Awards in 2023 received 219 pieces of original music compositions worldwide

Employee Development



Employee Development - 1

Won several awards such as “2023 MostIn Most Attractive Employers Award” and offered employees the opportunity to change professions among 10 talent areas and for job allocation worldwide

Employee training

Employee training

Employee training - 1

By 2023, our employee learning platform had offered more than 14,600 training courses with an average of 51 hours of employee training

Employee caring

Employee caring

Employee caring - 1

Organized 150+ cultural and sports activities, attracting 30,000+ people to participate in

Employee health and safety

Employee health and safety

Employee health and safety - 1

Organized more than 300 EHS training sessions for R&D laboratories nationwide and achieved EHS targets, such as zero serious injuries and fatal workplace accidents, zero occupational diseases, and zero environmental pollution accidents

Our ESG Awards in 2023

Our ESG Awards in 2023 - 1

Tech for Good​

2023 Fortune China Best Design List

Collaboration Award of AmCham Shanghai 2023 CSR Awards - 2

Collaboration Award of AmCham Shanghai 2023 CSR Awards

Collaboration Award of AmCham Shanghai 2023 CSR Awards - 3

Bloomberg Green ESG 50 Companies to Watch List