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December 24, 2018

What is Link Turbo in HONOR View20

Following the success of GPU Turbo, HONOR sent shockwaves through the industry with three world-first technologies – the 48 mega pixel rear camera, the HONOR FullView Display and the Link Turbo. These three exciting new technologies will be available soon on the upcoming HONOR View20.

What is Link Turbo in HONOR View20

The first technology, 48 mega pixel rear camera, can take shots which rival the quality you’d get from a DSLR camera. And for the HONOR FullView Display technology, we can easily tell from the appearance of the HONOR View20 device, that it ditches the dreaded notch entirely. What about the third technology, Link Turbo?

What is Link Turbo and its benefits?

With the popularity of 4G networks, there are more and more users using mobile 4G networks. Users are always looking forward to new technologies and faster internet connection speed on the mobile phones.

With 5G network currently in the testing and developmental phase, it is said that we can expect some 5G phones in the coming years – 2019 to 2020. 5G uses different kinds of antennas, operates on different radio spectrum frequencies, connects many more devices to the internet, minimizes delays, and delivers ultrafast speeds.

There are times when your Wi-Fi network may be slow and you are streaming a movie or playing an online game. Before we can finally get hands on the new 5G phones, what can we do to enjoy faster download speed? Knowing that users want to always stay online, HONOR has redefined the smartphone experience with the launch of Link Turbo, combining Wi-Fi and LTE signals to provide much faster download speeds. As switching from one signal to the other will be a seamless operation, gamers won’t suffer any headaches while streaming.

How the Link Turbo Works?

Leveraging AI and big data technologies, Link Turbo automatically analyze users’ usage models and network conditions to figure out the best way to deliver an optimal result, and switch seamlessly between Wi-Fi or 4G networks to boost downloading speed by simultaneously adopting both networks.

What is the difference between Link Turbo and WLAN+?

After reading all the above explanations, you might have the doubt: Link Turbo seems quite similar to WLAN+, are the two the same thing? In fact, WLAN+ is essentially an identifiable WIFI hotspot with strong mobile phone connection signals. After turning on WLAN+, the mobile phone intelligently monitors the quality of the WLAN network and the mobile network, automatically selects and connects to the network with the best signal strength and speed. Although WLAN+ also has a shunt function, it is not based on the MP-ATP protocol, and does not support Link Turbo and "smart link aggregation" mode of operation.

Which Phones Will Get Link Turbo Upgrade?

Link Turbo will debut on the HONOR View20 and be available later for other HONOR devices via an update. HONOR has received more than 20 patents for this brand new technology.