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August 7, 2020

[HONOR Router 3] Speed Heroes: How fast is the HONOR Router 3 actually

Dear HONOR Fans,

You can honor your need for speed with the new HONOR Router 3!

Yes, speed is what the HONOR Router 3 is all about, but how fast actually is it? Today we will be looking a just how fast the Router 3 is and comparing to some other fast things that exist on our planet.

Wi-Fi 6 Plus - the new definition of Fast
The HONOR Router 3 redefines speeds thanks to a Gigahome Wi-Fi 6 Chipset, a dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU, and its support of Wi-Fi 6 Plus.In fact, Wi-Fi 6 can increase network speeds up to three times faster than Wi-Fi 5, reaching a total networking speed of about 3000Mbps.

With this next generation of Wi-Fi you can expect better, faster and stronger connections and wider signal coverage on all your devices. That means smoother streaming and gaming, lightning quick downloads and an overall much more pleasing experience.

[HONOR Router 3] Speed Heroes: How fast is the HONOR Router 3 actually?

Stronger and More Reliable Signal Coverage
HONOR Router 3 uses Dynamic Narrow Bandwidth technology to send strong Wi-Fi signals up to 6dB, to Wi-Fi 6 enabled HONOR devices. So, even if you are far from the router in another part of your house, you will still receive fast and reliable Wi-Fi speeds.

Furthermore, thanks to MESH Network, you can obtain wide coverage with consistently strong signal by pairing two or more HONOR Router 3’s together. Those past annoyances of not being able to get Wi-Fi signal or having to wait a whole day to download a movie are gone thanks to the speed of HONOR Router 3.

[HONOR Router 3] Speed Heroes: How fast is the HONOR Router 3 actually?

This next generation standard of WiFi, known as Wi-Fi 6 Plus is at the forefront of fast Wi-Fi connectivity. It is leading the way with speed at the forefront, and with that in mind we wanted to take a look at what other other fastest things exist on our planet, from Cheetahs to PSY! Lets take a look!

Fastest Land Animal - Cheetah (120km per hour)

Fastest Youtube clip to reach 100mil views - PSY “Gentleman” in 3 days

Fastest Air Animal - Peregrine Falcon (389km per hour)

Fastest moving planet in our Solar System - Mercury (48km per second)

Fastest man in the world - Usain Bolt (100m in 9.58 sec)

Fastest Spacecraft - New Horizons Spacecraft (36,000 miles per hour)

Fastest Car - Bugatti Veyron EB (421km per hour)

Like these fastest things in the world, HONOR Router 3 is built upon the fastest standard of WI-Fi - Wi-Fi 6 Plus!

HONOR Router 3 has got us thinking all about speed today!

1.How big of a difference will Wi-Fi 6 Plus technology have on your household?
2.Can you share any other cool examples of fastest things in our world?

Source:HONOR Community