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November 19, 2018

Android 9 Pie Features To Make Phones Smarter & Simpler

Android 9 Pie

Android 9 Pie is coming. What are so great about its features? There are five things you are going to love about the new version. Read on to find out what they are!

Feature 1 - Adaptive Battery

Power has long been a big concern for smartphone users, so this new feature is a great thing. Previously, Android could put apps that you were not using to sleep to save energy. Now, that has been extended and developed with the use of AI machine learning. Android will learn how and when you use certain apps, and then give full power to your most important ones, while squeezing power use to a trickle for ones that you are not so bothered about. The only slight side effect of this is delayed notifications for less-used apps, but if it keeps you going for longer between charges, who cares?

Feature 2 - Lockdown Mode

Quick! That international government-funded spy ring that has been tailing you has got you cornered and they are about to take your phone away! What do you do? Well, swipe to the power menu and turn on Lockdown Mode. It disables fingerprint access and smart lock and doesn't show notifications. You'll only be able to unlock using your password, and you can hold up against the interrogation, right?

Feature 3 - Media Volume

In a library and want to watch a YouTube video? We've all been there, and it's a scary experience. You furiously press volume down, hoping that you'll manage to turn it down before the video starts playing. Not anymore. Now Android will default the volume buttons to media volume rather than ringer volume. Nifty.

Feature 4 - More Intelligent App Search

This is similar to Adaptive Battery, in that it learns what you like to do when and personalises your search accordingly. If you plug in headphones, for example, it may offer you a shortcut to play your favourite songs. Similarly, you will now be able to set up an app from search. If you're out and about and you access search, Android could suggest jumping straight to booking a cab home in Uber, which saves you having to go into an app and then going through the normal steps to achieve what it is that you want to do. It should make your digital life a bit snappier.

Feature 5 - Digital Wellbeing

This is the biggie. There has been huge interest in how we use our smartphones over the past couple of years. There is increasing concern that people are finding it hard to step away from their phones, especially at bedtime. With that in mind, Android 9 Pie will introduce something called Digital Wellbeing. The idea behind it is that it forms a personal log of your app usage. It will inform you exactly which apps you use most and the time spent on them. It will also keep an eye on how many notifications you receive and how many times a day you check your phone. If you feel you need to cut down, you can set time limits which can pause an app after so long to prevent you from descending down into a digital black hole.

From the simple changes, to the more profound, Android 9 Pie is set to be a big change to the way we interact with our devices. You can look forward to it on the HONOR Play, HONOR 10 and HONOR View 10. And now you can read on new features of EMUI 9.0 to know more in advance.