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November 19, 2018

Best HONOR Android Phones with Fingerprint

Nowadays, more and more HONOR Android phones come with the fingerprint recognition technology. Among so many HONOR mobile phones, which one is the best?

HONOR phone’s fingerprint

Now, we have selected some popular HONOR phones with fingerprint recommended for you!


The HONOR 10 adopts the front fingerprint design, and the fingerprint recognition button is located in the black border area at the bottom of the screen. And the ultrasonic fingerprint of the HONOR 10 has no opening and no grooving. The fingerprint identification area is a piece of glass that is only marked in the fingerprint area to help the user identify.

The HONOR 10’s ultrasonic fingerprint technology also has the advantage that it can still unlock the phone through the fingerprint in the case of a large drop of water in the fingerprint recognition area, and the accuracy and speed are not affected at all.

At present, the unlocking effect of HONOR 10 with wet fingerprint is really very good. And it can be regarded as a mobile phone that is really not afraid of water.

HONOR View 10

The HONOR View 10 uses the design of the front fingerprint. While maintaining the size of the mainstream full-screen panel, the View 10 is plugged into a fingerprint recognition button with the recognition speed and correct rate, and integrates the three key interactions. However, due to the presence of the front fingerprint, the ‘chin’ is relatively longer, and the visual impact is not very strong.


The HONOR 9 is also a mobile phone with excellent front recognition experience. It is fully functional and supports fingerprint photography. On the other word, this fingerprint recognition module also integrates the Home button, the Back button and the multi-tasking button. You may be a little used to it when using it initially, but you will find it very easy to use after you get started. What’s more, the HONOR 9 uses the ceramic fingerprint Home button, making the front more integrated. It is a very good-looking HONOR phone.


The HONOR 7C supports fingerprint recognition, using post-fingerprint recognition.

Through the above introduction, we can easily find that most mobile phones with front fingerprint recognition in the current is a high-end flagship machine, and it is rare that the budget smartphones use the front fingerprint recognition scheme. It may be seen that the front fingerprint scheme should require a higher level of technology and cost.