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October 25, 2018

3 HONOR Devices are Going to Get HONOR Android Pie Update

android pie - 6 HONOR devices update

Android Pie is the hottest thing to hit smartphones in years. It brings with it tons of improvements and exciting new features, and users of HONOR phones have even more to enjoy, so read on to find out what's in store.

Android Pie (or Android 9 to those of you who prefer to keep things strictly numerical) is the next iteration of the wildly popular Android smartphone operating system. EMUI 9, which is the special Android-based user interface that HONOR phones run, will also see an update.

The biggest wow factor comes with Android's implementation of AI, or artificial intelligence. Your phone can now learn your usage habits and use that data to optimise everything about the experience, even down to battery usage. This means that if, for example, you infrequently look at a particular app, battery priority will be given to other apps, meaning notifications that you're not that bothered about don't run down your power store as much.

Tied to this is adaptive brightness. As it stands, your phone can change the brightness of the display according to particular lighting conditions. If you prefer it lighter or darker in those circumstances, though, it will pick up on this behaviour and learn from it. Next time you're in the same conditions, it will change automatically to just how you like it.

Perhaps even more useful, though, is the use of AI to pre-empt what you want to do with your phone. If you check your online banking every Friday at 9, the system will learn this and present your banking app as a suggestion in the app drawer around that time. It can even suggest regular phone calls or offer to navigate when you're in the car. Pretty nifty stuff.

android pie - emui 9 update

In EMUI 9, menu items will move to the bottom of the screen to make them easier to reach. That's great for users of HONOR's wider aspect ratio phones.

Performance sees a big boost, too, with performance increases in various areas of the system in the 11 - 12% range.

There will be another major change that could change your daily life. EMUI 9's advanced AI will be able to use Augmented Reality to identify landmarks and paintings and bring up information about them. This technology is called HiVision and has the potential to turn a holiday into a cultural learning opportunity!

One big security bonus with EMUI 9 will be the Password Vault. This is a secure area of the phone where you can store passwords and so on, safe in the knowledge that your phone will keep them under digital lock and key.

Another big focus is on something called Digital Wellbeing. If you find it hard to put down your phone and relax, EMUI 9 will help you do that. It keeps track of your usage and helps you to focus on a balanced life with a series of cues and actions to help you to step away from social media and focus on the other parts of your life.

So, with this much anticipation, which HONOR phones can run EMUI 9? So far, beta testing has been carried out for The HONOR 10, HONOR View 10 and HONOR Play. Will there be another three HONOR phones to add to that list? Well, like all the best things in life, you'll have to stay tuned to find out!