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October 25, 2018

Take Photos with Blurred Background Effects Using HONOR 10

blurred background effect photo - flowers

Are blurry photos a good thing? They sure are when you're making the most of HONOR 10's advanced camera. Keep reading, and we'll explain why.

Let's face it, it's always been easy to get photos wrong. From the less tech-savvy user accidentally switching to selfie mode when they're trying to take a photo of the family, to getting things completely out of focus, there are a million ways in which a good photo can go wrong. Sometimes, though, deliberately getting certain things out of focus can make for a breath-taking shot that will be the envy of Instagram.

Call it what you will: blurred background, selective focus, or shallow depth of field (to give it its technical name) is a great tool for making a single thing in a photograph stand out. So how is it done? Well, read on to find out.

First, command your troops!
Whatever you want to photograph, you should make sure that there is a reasonably large distance between it and the background, relative to the subject's distance to you. For example, if you are taking the picture 1 metre away from the subject, then you need the background to be more than 1 metre from the subject. The greater that second distance, the more impressive the effect. So, cajole, persuade, or shout, but arrange the scene how you want it!

Next, set up the HONOR 10

blurred background effect photo - human

The HONOR 10 comes with this capability built-in, so dive on in and set it up. Get into the camera, then, while in rear-camera mode, touch the Aperture icon. You can't miss it, it's just by the shutter button.

Now, you need to focus, so go ahead and touch wherever your subject is on screen and the HONOR 10's camera will focus on that. You might not see much of an effect yet, but don't worry.

Now comes the good bit

blurred background effect photo - numbers

When you set your focus, you'll have noticed that a shutter was overlaid on the image. You can now use that to adjust the aperture. This is the way in which you can change how in focus the background is. Here's a pro tip: the smaller the aperture, the more will be in focus and vice versa.

Try different focus points and apertures

blurred background effect photo - Sunset Glow

There are a million different ways to take the same photograph, so don't be afraid to try different things. For example, the usual way of using selective focus is to blur the background and make the subject stand out. But why not try it the other way round? Keep the background in focus and the subject a bit blurry. Add in some moody lighting and the right expression, and you can end up with some seriously atmospheric portraits by doing this.

With the advanced AI camera in the HONOR 10, it's easy to make photos that have the wow factor. And selective focus really takes that to the next level. With such a great camera in your pocket, it would be a waste to just 'take a quick picture'. So, next time you see a friend pulling the perfect pose, why not try blurring the background and make them look really good?