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October 16, 2018

Which HONOR Phone Has Best Battery Life

A smartphone’s battery life has become an increasingly important factor when deciding which smartphone to buy, because it is really frustrating if you have to charge your phone up every day. Then, which HONOR Phone has the best battery life that can last more than 1 day upon a full charge?

Before we compare the HONOR phones, there is also another feature we need to get familiar with, that is the fast charging technology which was designed to charge a phone quickly. Generally speaking, large battery capacity and fast charging feature are the two key aspects to make the mobile phone battery last longer. With the fast charge feature, which honor phone last the longest after a full charge?

First of all, let’s see the battery life of the main HONOR phone models:

Model Battery Fast Charging
HONOR Play 3750mAh Fast battery charging 18W
HONOR View10 3750mAh Fast battery charging 5V/4.5A (58% in 30 min)
HONOR 10 3400mAh Fast battery charging: 50% in 24 min (5V/4.5A)
HONOR 7X 3340mAh No
HONOR 9 3200mAh Fast battery charging: 40% in 30 min
HONOR 7S 3020mAh No
HONOR 7A 3000mAh No
HONOR 9N 3000mAh No
HONOR 9 Lite 3000mAh No
HONOR 7C 3000mAh No

It shows that HONOR Play and HONOR View 10 have the same battery capacity of 3750mAh. HONOR Play can support 1.5-day heavy usage with the 3750mAh battery, while the HONOR View 10’s 3750mAh battery supports for 5.5 hours of gaming, 19 hours of video playback, 160 hours of music playback, 21 hours of 4G browsing, or 23 hours of 3G talk.

Moreover, they all support fast charging. They can say goodbye to the receding battery meter. Presenting the mighty 3750mAh battery with HONOR fast charge that gives you longer battery life. A battery that charges in minutes but lasts for hours will be a great thing to you. The two HONOR phones all support the fast charge.


Besides the 3750mAh battery with HONOR fast charge, HONOR Play and HONOR View 10 are also powered with its advanced Kirin 970 chipset. Powered by this Kirin 970 chipset, the power consumption will be reduced so that the smartphones can be more long-lasting.

Model Battery Chipset
HONOR View10 3750mAh Kirin 970
HONOR Play 3750mAh Kirin 970
HONOR 10 3400mAh Kirin 970
HONOR 9N 3000mAh Kirin 659
HONOR 9Lite 3000mAh Kirin 659
HONOR 7X 3340mAh Kirin 659
HONOR 7S 3020mAh Mediatek MT6739
HONOR 7A 3000mAh Snapdragon 430
HONOR 7C 3000mAh Snapdragon 450
HONOR 9 3200mAh Kirin 960

From the above list, we can see that HONOR Play and HONOR View 10 are supported by Kirin 970. The Kirin 970 supports the remarkable technology GPU Turbo which can improve performance by 60% and decreases power consumption by 30%. That is to say, with this chipset’s support, the two phones’ battery becomes longer than others.

kirin 970 chipset

To sum up, with the above three key features: long batter life, fast charge, powerful chipset, the two phones HONOR Play and HONOR View 10 can be said the HONOR phones with best battery life.