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September 14, 2018

How to Take Stunning Portrait Photos with HONOR 10

At present, a mobile phone has become a common device to take a picture to chat with friend anytime anywhere you like. Various mobile photos as the media to record every moment of our daily life. Now we will introduce some tips about how to take beautiful portrait pictures of people. Take smartphone HONOR 10 as an example. Do you know how to get a better portrait with HONOR 10? If not, this article is right for you. With its professional photography, you can get more stunning portrait photos.

how to take stunning portrait photos with honor 10

To get a better portrait, you just need to enable the portrait mode to achieve your goal. It is an easy step since HONOR 10’s portrait mode and portrait lighting are pretty magical and you can switch to it directly after you turn the camera on.

Portrait mode: Enable Portrait mode to automatically apply beautification effects to everyone in the frame and 3D lighting effects (such as No lighting, Soft lighting, Butterfly lighting, Split lighting, Stage lighting, and Classic lighting).

Wondering how HONOR manages to take such stunning portrait? The answer is in its high quality lens plus a new beauty algorithm.

The HONOR 10’s front camera gives more detailed facial optimization by detecting over a hundred facial points to pixel level accuracy. The front camera can get T-zone, cheekbones highlighted and enhance shadow on the cheeks and nose. Now let’s get a simple knowledge of HONOR 10’s portrait function.

1. Take a portrait with enhanced beautification

When take a portrait, the early-stage beautification algorithms provide the face with unnaturally pale color, too smooth and fake skin, loss of texture of the pores, spiritless eyes. With HONOR’s enhanced beautification, when get a portrait, you can find the true skin with a healthy glow, preserved details, contouring and highlights, brightened eyes. So the first thing is to take a portrait with its enhanced beautification like the second picture below.

how to take stunning portrait photos with honor 10

2. Use portrait mode to personalized pictures.

Then use HONOR 10’s portrait mode. There are Natural Bokeh, True Skin Tone and Memorable modes shown as below:

how to take stunning portrait photos with honor 10

The hardware-level professional bokeh: facial edges sharpened, distant points rounded, 3D face recognition and skin enhancement.

3. Portrait Lighting

how to take stunning portrait photos with honor 10

There is another feature you can use to take better portrait is its 3D Portrait Lighting.

From different dimension, you can get a brighter portrait since the HONOR 10 creates a studio-quality lighting effects. You can see soft light, butterfly light, sidelight, classic light and theater light.

how to take stunning portrait photos with honor 10

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