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July 29, 2020

[HONOR Router 3] Fan Interviews #2: @StopIt "Stylish, Reliable, Accessible"

Dear HONOR Fans,

Two weeks ago we launched the brand new HONOR Router 3, bringing you all the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 and unprecenedted levels of connectivity to your home. But don't just take our word for it! We've decided to catch up with some of the Fans who've got their hands on the HONOR Router 3 first to ask them about their brand new wifi experience. Last week we spoke @Sasco and this week we caught up with @StopIt to hear his thoughts on the HONOR Router 3!

[HONOR Router 3] Fan Interviews #2: @StopIt

1: Can you describe a terrible experience you have had because of bad Wi-Fi?

Most certainly. I own a gaming PC and Xbox One X. These live upstairs, yet my MagicBook has the ability to stream these systems. So if I want to play Forza Horizon 4 from my Xbox to my MagicBook I can. Easy, right? Not so.

My Sky Q Hub, or my old upstairs router (Netgear R6260) literally cannot carry the stream quality required for this to work. I actually at one point thought my Xbox couldn’t do streaming because the picture would break up and make playing a lousy experience.

Since receiving the HONOR Router 3 I have been testing internal streaming services such as Xbox to PC, and PC to PC using in Home Streaming on Steam. The difference is night and day, and will be a focus of an upcoming video to show people how your home networking can be between you and solid gaming in your home, no matter what device you use.

2: What activity takes up most of your internet usage when you are at home?

I work from home, so use a VPN based client to work on a remote desktop. This is highly latency sensitive so my connection quality has to be good both from the internet side and the internal network side. So far, so good for the HONOR Router 3, in fact I typed this very message on this system.

3: How many devices in your home are usually connected to one router at any given time?

Let me see. PC, Xbox, my children’s Fire HD Tablet, 2 Amazon Echo Dot devices downstairs, a Google Home Mini upstairs. My Sky Q TV Boxes, downstairs and upstairs along with the smart TV upstairs. My MagicBook, no less than 4 HONOR Phones, and my partners phone. So…a few?

4: HONOR Router 3 comes with the next generation of Wi-Fi, which is better, faster and stronger. How does internet speed impact your internet usage?

My Sky connection varies between 70-80mbps depending on line conditions, so while latency is very good for a FTTC line, it is essential that the networking devices in my home makes the most of every last bit of capacity to serve the devices above. Compromising that means streaming services like Disney+, Netlfix and the like can be affected easily, especially on Wifi. The Router 3 even connects to the likes of the HONOR 20 PRO and HONOR View 20 at speeds unattainable by other routers, making it an essential part of any HONOR phone owners home.

5: Describe the HONOR Router 3 In 3 words

Stylish, Reliable, Accessible.

Thanks very much to @StopIt for taking the time to share his thoughts on the HONOR Router 3. Much appreciated and very insightful!

Remember you can get the HONOR Router 3 on HIHONOR here for just £79.99 until July 31st!

What do you like most about the HONOR Router 3?

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