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July 28, 2020

HONOR Magic Earbuds - Your Best Buds in Every Scenario! #4 - At home!

Dear HONOR Fans,

This past week we have been exploring the advantages that the HONOR Magic Earbuds can have during different common scenarios such as; In a Cafe, on the train and in the gym. Today, we are sharing the fourth and final instalment to “Your Best Buds in Every Scenario” with a focus on being at home! Ultimately, the question we will be answering is, How do the HONOR Magic Earbuds make a difference to you when you are at home!

Music In. World Out. The HONOR Magic Earbuds are designed with Active Noice Cancelling (ANC) technology that are made to filter out unwanted ambient noise while bringing you high-quality sound. ANC is however just one of the innovative functions in the HONOR Magic Earbuds that make them such an attractive device considering their already impressive price.

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So in addition to ANC, HONOR Magic Earbuds come packed with neat functions that make them useful and practice while you are at home. So why exactly are they your best buds at home?

HONOR Magic Earbuds - Your Best Buds in Every Scenario! #4 - At home!

Katy, who is finishing a work assignment on her HONOR MagicBook (bottom right), is self-employed and luckily for her, she has remained busy during the quarantine. Katy is actually very busy with work and for her, the HONOR Magic Earbuds are ideal due to their long lasting battery life! With around 3 hours of music time and 2 hours of call time, she can wake up in the morning and get straight into her calls and projects without having to worry about not having power!

Lisa, who is watering her favourite plant, has spent the day doing chores around the house. With 3 kids, her household is quite busy and therefore she chooses to wear the HONOR Magic Earbuds while she does her errands around the house. Because the Earbuds fit snugly and comfortably as well as being wireless and light, she can wear them all afternoon, enjoy music and not have to worry about being bothered by them in her ears.

Santi is relaxing on his couch while enjoying a coffee from his local cafe! He loves podcasts and every day he spends around an hour of his day listening to motivational podcasts. So that he never misses a podcast, his HONOR Magic Earbuds are truly his best buds whenever he is at home or out in the city. With one simple double-tap he can switch between any incoming calls or disturbances that might come up and then easily switch back to enjoying his podcasts. Listening made easy!

Most of the time, our moments spent at home are usually quiet and relaxing. However, this doesn’t mean that your HONOR Magic Earbuds are not as useful as when you are in a cafe, a train or in the gym. With pure sound quality, ANC, long battery life and a comfortable and wireless design, the HONOR Magic Earbuds can really be your best buds at home.

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Do you use the HONOR Magic Earbuds at home? What do you think of them and during which occasions do you wear them most and why?

Source:HONOR Community