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July 28, 2020

[HONOR Router 3] Fan Interviews #1: @Sasco "Wi-Fi Finally Works!"

Hey HONOR Fans,

Last week we launched the brand new HONOR Router 3, bringing you all the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 and unprecenedted levels of connectivity to your home. But don't just take our word for it! We've decided to catch up with some of the Fans who've got their hands on the HONOR Router 3 first to ask them about their brand new wifi experience. First up, it's @Sasco!

[HONOR Router 3] Fan Interviews #1: @Sasco 'Wi-Fi Finally Works!'

•  Can you describe a terrible experience you have had because of bad Wi-Fi?
Wi-Fi stability - in a nutshell, in the past, I’ve always found myself unable to really recommend Wi-Fi for anything other than light browsing etc (home environments are much more likely to be Wi-Fi centric, or even exclusive!) due to Wi-Fi dropouts, lag spikes and more. I can happily say this is no longer the case after switching to the HONOR Router 3!

•  What activity takes up most of your internet usage when you are at home?
Mixed between work (zoom calls, file transfers via VPN etc), Cloud downloads, Media Streaming and Multiplayer Gaming. All Have their requirements from Speed to Low Latency.

•  How many devices in your home are usually connected to one router at any given time?
This is a hard one as it does vary a lot, I’ve been putting the HONOR Router 3 through its paces with 16-19 devices connected (all via Wi-Fi) and have not been disappointed so far.

•  HONOR Router 3 comes with the next generation of Wi-Fi, which is better, faster and stronger. How does internet speed impact your internet usage?
To say the HONOR Router 3 has blistering speeds, doesn’t do it justice, it is routinely connecting my devices at double the data rate from my previous £150 Router, the low latency is also hard to describe, but it is really there for gaming on your HONOR phones. With the HONOR Router 3’s rock solid performance and stability this HONOR Household can stream, watch, game and work on multiple devices without anyone else in the home even noticing an impact; that also relies on having an ISP to keep up to the HONOR Router 3, which is no small feat! The scary thing to note on the Speed is that currently I only have Wi-Fi 5 capable devices, so I even have that jump to experience Wi-Fi 6+!

•  Describe the HONOR Router 3 In 3 words.

Wi-Fi Finally Works!

Thanks a mill to @Sasco for answering our questions! We have a couple more of these lined up so stay tuned!

Remember you can get the HONOR Router 3 on HIHONOR here for just £79.99 until July 31st!

How would the HONOR Router 3 help your Wi-Fi at home?

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