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December 10, 2018

HONOR Mobile Phone Brand: Best Performer at Singles Day 2018

Looking forward to shopping around on Black Friday of 2018? Is mobile phone among your wish list?

We must admit that Black Friday is a great invention because we get to go crazy buying stuff at much lower prices. However, it is better to get the buying list ready before the big day and be smart to choose the right product brand.

In China, where Black Friday is not that popular, Nov. 11 (also called Singles Day, or Double 11) is the day when all shopping records are broken, and there are no exceptions for year 2018, either. Thanks to the economic growth and fast development of online shopping, the sales record of the Alibaba shopping platform, as well as JD, are growing every year with unprecedented pace.

If you are planning to purchase a mobile phone, but don’t know which brand to choose yet, then it will never go wrong to choose the top sellers on shopping platforms.

Best Performer in Mobile Phone Category on Singles Day 2018 - HONOR

During the 24-hour online shopping festival of Singles day 2018, HONOR was the top-selling mobile phone brand in both deals and revenue on both TMALL and JD. And HONOR was also the top-selling Android mobile phone brand.

HONOR’S Best Seller on Singles Day 2018 – HONOR Magic2

In terms of mobile phone models, HONOR Magic2 was the best seller for RMB 4000-5000 range Android mobile phones on TMALL, JD and Suning.

HONOR Magic2 is undoubtedly the best flagship device of HONOR till now in the year 2018, due to its great performance, rich features and beautiful look.

Popular Feature 1: Gradient Colors and 100% full screen

Since its release, HONOR Magic2 has continued to receive attention from the industry and consumers. The sales performance is in full swing. In the pre-sale on November 1st, it was sold out on the whole platform in just 5 minutes. The offline experience store was also long queued. Subsequently, the first sale on November 6 was quickly snapped up by consumers.

HONOR Magic2 continues the hot trend in the past, and its 9 cutting-edge black technology are deeply recognized by consumers. Among the many selling points of HONOR Magic2, the gradient color and 100% comprehensive screen are most popular among consumers.

HONOR Magic2 uses three gradients with a sense of romantic technology: Gradient Black, Gradient Blue and Gradient Red, once again leading the fashion trend.

HONOR 10 display

Popular Feature 2: Kirin 980 Chipset, and Ultimate Gaming Experience

For geek users, the HONOR Magic2 equipped with the Kirin 980 chip can meet all performance requirements, and has not disappointed consumers in terms of application startup speed and fluency. Also see Comparison between Kirin 980 vs Snapdragon 845.

In addition, for the male users who love to play games, the Kirin 980 equipped with the HONOR Magic2 is undoubtedly the most attractive big selling point. HONOR Magic2 uses latest flagship chip, the Kirin 980, with powerful performance and energy efficiency. During the game, the mobile phone will not become stuck or hot, and the resolution is very clear. In a report released by the authoritative game evaluation agency Gam-bench, the Kirin 980 has an excellent real experience in the game, far exceeding the Android machine equipped with the Snapdragon 845.