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December 10, 2018

HONOR Magic2’s AI Assistant

In this article, we mainly focus on HONOR Magic2’s system (Magic UI 2.0) and AI assistant YOYO. HONOR Magic2 loaded Magic UI 2.O is a new system based on Android 9.0. Different from those systems used on other HONOR mobile phones, if we say EMUI 9 is the most stable system in HONOR series, Magic UI 2.0 is the relatively smarter system ecology. In my view, Magic UI 2.0 should be considered as a so-called user-cultivated system. The “user-cultivated” system refers to its system intelligence that depends on your use frequency and time length.

HONOR Magic 2’s AI assistant YOYO

Smart assistant YOYO

Most importantly, YOYO is the focal concern in the public views. We call it “smart assistant”. Then what kinds of smartness does YOYO present us, or what are the unique features make YOYO different from other voice assistants?

In the first place, we need to differentiate these two names: “smart assistant” refers to the intelligence object, which means YOYO owns the learning ability just like human beings; And YOYO is its name. We can understand it more properly as a voice assistant that knows how to learn. There are many ways to activate YOY, but I guess, even those owners of Magic2 maybe not know it all.

1. Voice activate, i.e. use the voice to wake up YOYO.
2. Slide cover activate, which is the most easy-to-use and convenient way to wake up YOYO. No matter in which mode, once you open the slide cover, YOYO is instantly activated for direct interaction. (Setting-Smart Assistant-Slide cover opening-Magic live Smart Engine)
3. Gesture activate. HONOR Magic2 is set with the unique function of full screen gestures since its default out of factory, so we can also use the gestures to call YOYO. The unlock method: Setting-system-system navigation method-gesture navigation-more setting-voice assistant and intelligence vision.
Besides the most common methods above, it also supports other activate methods like slide-up and hovering on the navigation button, setting page corner marks and desktop applications and more. HONOR Magic2 YOYO provides all the sweet conveniences completely at your control.

YOYO itself connects many deeply collaborated APPs, through which it seeks to find the information you ask for. It is quite easy to use when you are in driving mode. You only need to say “I want to call XXX”, and then YOYO will automatically call that person for you. If you want to hang up, you just say hang up and YOYO will do it as you request. YOYO has a core property that plays a key role in the differentiation of the intelligence in voice assistants, i.e. recognition rate. YOYO performs marvelous in recognition rate. Even if one speaks very fast and even somewhat ambiguous in the pronunciation of some words, YOYO will smartly recognize them in an accurate manner. This is an essential advantage, which determines the core use experience of voice assistants. YOYO can even recognize strong accents. It proves its significance as a voice assistant. Some manufacturers bragged about their systems knowing how to learn a long time ago, but actually if put them into real use scenario, their systems still act like an idiot.

Actually YOYO does not simply function as a voice assistant. Voice assistant is a part of YOYO. YOYO provides other functions like AI recognition, shopping, simultaneous interpretation, skin testing and more. With autonomous learning abilities, as the official interface opens and more third party cooperation projects add up, YOYO will grow up to be even more powerful for your services.