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October 25, 2018

HONOR's Good Camera Phones

When choosing phones, the first thing we need to know clearly is our real need. Is it camera, battery life, storage or OS? If you are the person who want a phone with good camera at a midrange price, the article is for you.

As we all know, HONOR is a phone marker who produces the smartphone for the young and brave at a midrange price. If you are looking for good camera phones, do you know HONOR’s good camera phones? If not, you may love the three models we pick up below. They are HONOR’s good camera phones. Look at the following table:

Models Processor Rear Camera Front Camera Dual Camera AI Camera Aperture
HONOR 10 Kirin 970 AI Chipset 24MP+16MP 24MP Yes Yes f/1.8
HONOR View 10 Kirin 970 AI Chipset 20MP+16MP 13MP Yes Yes f/1.8
HONOR Play Kirin 970 AI Chipset 16MP+2MP 16MP Yes Yes f/2.2

The above 3 HONOR phones can be said the HONOR’s good camera phones because of their processor chipset, battery and camera specifications. The first and most important feature is that they all powered by Kirin 970 chipset. It is an advanced processor with a key new feature NPU (Neural Processing Unit). With this independently built-in NPU, the phone can have a faster and more efficient AI algorithm performance. And when used in camera, its cutting-edge AI algorithm instantaneously pairs subjects with their optimal camera settings according to the context of the image. To help you know more about the HONOR’s good camera phones, we will introduce them one by one below:

1. HONOR 10

HONOR 10 has a beauty in its AI. With a dual 24MP+16MP dual camera and 24MP front camera, you can take photos and selfies freely in great quality. It can recognize multiple subjects in one image. What’s more, its real-time recognition of 500+ scenarios in 22 categories and scene-specific parameter application push you to be a professional photography in one click. Meanwhile, portrait modes, lighting effects, and the ability to take the images of moving objects are also its advantages. You will be glad to have the HONOR 10 camera.

HONOR 10 camera

2. HONOR View 10

HONOR View 10’s camera is also powerful with a dual 20MP+16MP dual camera and 13MP front camera. Thanks to the combination of a dual-lens rear camera and faster focusing technology, it delivers incredible images quality even when you’re shooting from afar. Its camera can identify 13 different types of scenes and objects.

HONOR View 10 camera

3. HONOR Play

HONOR Play is a phone suitable for gaming, but its camera is also very good. With the independent AI NPU, it identifies 22 different categories and 500 more scenarios in real-time. It can even recognize the different parts of what you are shooting.

Its 16MP front camera creates artistic selfie with excellent beautification and accurate bokeh effects. In addition, the lighting effect employs AI algorithms to give you five different studio-level portraits including soft lighting, butterfly lighting, split lighting, stage lighting, and classic lighting.

HONOR Play camera

To sum up, powered by the Kirin 970 chipset, the above three HONOR phones have the good camera with high MP. If you want phones with good camera, you can choose one from them.