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October 22, 2018

HONOR's Best Android Phone For Gaming

Nowadays, the Android phone is widely used because of its open platform. People can find huge rich applications in Android system for daily use as well as playing games. Then, what’s the best android phone for gaming? As we all know, a good gaming phone need to be smooth and fast when playing. HONOR always takes the gamers in mind. Therefore, an Android phone named HONOR Player is especially designed for our gamers. It can be said HONOR’s best Android phone for gaming. Do you want to know why it is the HONOR’s best Android phone for gaming? Just go on reading and we will tell you the reasons.

honor play introduction

Generally, when choosing a right device for gaming, we need to check the OS, chipset, storage, battery and design. The HONOR Player is that phone which have the good specifications for gaming. Below are the key specs:

OS: Android 8.1 (Oreo)
Camera: 16MP + 2MP rear camera and 16MP front camera.
Display: 6.3 inches full screen and 2340 x 1080 resolution
Processor: Octa-Core with Kirin 970 chipset
Battery: 3750mAh
Storage: 64GB ROM and 4GB RAM
Safety: supports both face and fingerprint unlock

It can be easily seen that this Android phone has a 6.3 inches big screen, the latest processor chipset Kirin 970, long battery life with 3750mAh, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM storage. All of the specs are good for a gaming phone. Now, we will list the highlights of the Android phone below:

1. OS

HONOR Player is an Android phone, which supports many apps for people to use online. HONOR Play is supported by Android 8.1, which is the latest version now.

2. Chipset

The chipset of HONOR Player supports the latest technology. With the AI NPU (neuron process unit) of Kirin 970, the intelligent gaming and photography give you a professional experience. The strong Kirin 970 chipset introduces an independent AI NPU which makes lots of smart applications run faster.

honor play’s GPU Turbo introduction

What’s worth mentioned is its GPU Turbo, it is the latest technology which can integrate the hardware and software so as to accelerate the graphics processing. It will optimize your mobile gaming experience.

what is HONOR Play’s GPU Turbo

3. Storage

Generally, when choosing a phone, 4 GB RAM or above is recommended. HONOR Player has 4GB +RAM and 64 GB+ ROM. With this storage, normal use including playing the latest mobile games on the go can be supported perfect easily.

4. Battery

HONOR Play supports 3750mAh battery life. With this 3750mAh, gamers can play games with this Android phone for 1.5 days heavy use without worries.

5. Design

HONOR Play has a metal design, which looks cool and fashionable for gamers. Moreover, its 6.3 inches full screen and 2340 x 1080 resolution allows users to have a good viewing experience.

honor play’s design

To end up, due to the above advantages, HONOR Play can be said HONOR’s best Android phone for gaming. If you like playing games with phones, HONOR Play will be a good choice.