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October 1, 2018

HONOR’s Best 5 Inch Smartphone

It’s a trend that we will get larger and better smartphone as the technology evolves. When we buy smartphone, we often prefer larger screen display to enjoy high resolution pictures and videos. That’s great if you prefer big phones, but if you are looking for a premium experience in a smaller package, you will find there are some difficulties to satisfy your need.

honor best 5 inch smartphones

Thankfully, HONOR has produced lines of smartphones that have 5 inches size screen display. They all have attractive designs with superb easy-to-use experience. You will feel super comfortable in one-handed use. Then do you want to know which HONOR phone with 5 inch display is good for you? Read on and we will show you in the following article.

In below list you will find HONOR smartphone’s display size:

Models Size launch date
HONOR Play 6.3 inches, 97.4 cm2 (~83.0% ratio) 2018, July
HONOR View 10 5.99 inches, 92.6 cm2 (~78.6% ratio) 2017, December
HONOR 7C 5.99 inches, 92.6 cm2 (~76.3% ratio) 2018, May
HONOR 7X 5.93 inches, 90.7 cm2 (~77.0% ratio) 2017, December
HONOR 10 5.84 inches, 85.1 cm2 (~79.9% ratio) 2018, May
HONOR 9N 5.84 inches, 85.1 cm2 (~79.5% ratio) 2018, July
HONOR 8 Pro 5.7 inches, 89.6 cm2 (~73.6% ratio) 2017, April
HONOR 7A 5.7 inches, 83.8 cm2 (~75.4% ratio) 2018, April
HONOR 9 Lite 5.65 inches, 82.0 cm2 (~75.5% ratio) 2017, December
HONOR 7S 5.45 inches, 76.7 cm2 (~73.8% ratio) 2018, May
HONOR 8 5.2 inches, 74.9 cm2 (~72.5% ratio) 2016, July
HONOR 7 5.2 inches, 74.5 cm2 (~72.4% ratio) 2015, June
HONOR 9 5.15 inches, 73.1 cm2 (~70.0% ratio) 2017, June

From the above list, we can see that most of the HONOR smartphones’ screens are under 6 inches. HONOR 9, HONOR 8 and HONOR 7 are the ones which are most close to 5 inches in size. However, these models were launched years ago and are no longer on sale in many countries. Instead, between the size ranges of 5 inches to 6 inches, there are a lot of more options.

Best 5 to 6 inches flagship phones

In terms of flagship phones within 6 inches, HONOR 10 is undoubtedly the best choice. Let’s see HONOR 10’s fascinating new features below.

1. 24MP+16MP dual-lens rear camera and 24MP front camera with AI technology.

Powered by Kirin 970, HONOR 10’s 24MP+16MP dual-lens rear camera and 24MP front camera not only allows you to take professional and natural photos, but also great selfies.

honor best 5 inch smartphone – honor 10 picture

Its built-in AI technology, which is powered by NPU (Neural Processing Unit), allows you to recognize 500+ scenarios in 22 categories and multiple objects in one image, recognize different objects in the photo and optimize accordingly for more professional photo effect.

The 24MP front AI camera helps to take the perfect selfies, portrait photos with 3D lights. 4-in-1 light-fusion technology produce sharp and focused pictures even in low light. The Wide Aperture Mode which can emphasize your subject. You can show a peony in a sea of flowers, highlight your subject in a crowd, or increase the brightness in a low light environment.

honor best 5 inch smartphone – honor 10 picture

2. Design

HONOR 10’s new aurora glass design reflects vivid colors from every direction, displaying different colors in different angles. It becomes the favorite design for many people who are fond of fancy looking.

3. Security

HONOR 10 supports ultra-fast face unlock, which adds security to your privacy information. This handset will recognize your face with one blink and help to unlock your phone easily and fast. What’s more, fingerprint unlock is also supported.

To sum up, HONOR 10 is the best flagship smartphone among the HONOR models within 6 inches.