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January 16, 2020

HONOR 9X: An All-Hours Camera, with All-New Technology

Smartphone photography has developed rapidly in recent years, incorporating cutting-edge technology that facilitates the optimal admittance and utilization of light. However, while most phones can now generate spectacular images in ideal conditions, they tend not to perform so well when lighting is unfavorable. This is because compact phone bodies are jam packed with components, and fail to prioritize low-light shooting in the same manner that dedicated, expensive equipment can.

But the HONOR 9X breaks from this trend, with an advanced, AI-supported algorithm that powers a breathtaking Super Night Mode. Avid photographers are likely familiar with HDR image processing, and conveniently, this "AIS Super Night Mode" follows the same basic principle.

When taking a night photo, the camera performs literally dozens of exposures within two to six seconds, capturing numerous images in the process. The images with shorter exposures are used to ensure controlled brightness in brightly-lit regions, while longer-exposure images reproduce detail in darker areas. The system then integrates the best elements from each image – aligning them to form a final photo that is characterized by a broader dynamic range, more balanced lighting and reduced noise across the board.

HONOR 9X: An All-Hours Camera, with All-New Technology
  • Standard
  • Under-exposure
  • Over-exposure

The AI Image Stabilization (AIS) algorithm mitigates any effects of camera movements that are all too common during long-exposure shooting, for sharpness and detail on a whole new level.

HONOR 9X: An All-Hours Camera, with All-New Technology

Without AIS Super Night Mode

HONOR 9X: An All-Hours Camera, with All-New Technology

With AIS Super Night Mode

As you've likely noticed, photos taken with AIS Super Night Mode are markedly superior. The improved brightness, noise and exposure control empowers users to capture vibrant images in environments that are nearly pitch-black, allowing them to forgo the inconveniences of tripod shooting.

In applying this novel technology, integrating intelligent capabilities with time-honored imaging principles, the HONOR 9X has inspired a new era of mobile night photography.

HONOR 9X: An All-Hours Camera, with All-New Technology

Photo by @Nalinder Mahato

HONOR 9X Specs

MEMORY ROM: 64GB/128GB* (Up to 512GB expandable storage)
DISPLAY 6.59" HONOR FullView Display, 2340p x 1080p
91% screen-to-body ratio
Blue light filter (TÜV Rheinland-certified)
REAR CAMERA 48MP Main Camera
• F/1.8 aperture
• Large 1/2-inch CMOS sensor
• AIS Super Night Mode
• AI Video Stabilization*
8MP Super-Wide-Angle Camera
• 120° ultra-wide angle
• Supports distortion correction
2MP Depth Assist Camera
FRONT CAMERA 16MP Pop-up Camera
BATTERY 4,000 mAh (typical value) all-day battery