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September 1, 2019

HONOR 8X: A Camera that Reveals More

The HONOR 8X features a top-notch camera, packed with premium hardware and versatile features, which elevates affordable smartphone photography to stunning new heights.

HONOR 8X: A Camera that Reveals More

The rear camera module features a 20MP primary lens and 2MP depth sensor, and the 16MP front camera captures selfies with astounding depth and detail.

However, what makes the HONOR 8X truly stand out is its use of advanced artificial intelligence to furnish ordinary, everyday surroundings in vivid colors and bold contrasts. The AI system recognizes up to 500 scenes, ranging from common greenery and blue skies to a ravishing spread of food, which can be broadly grouped into 22 common settings. The system then applies automatic adjustments that heighten the attributes within the frame, uncovering fresh visual insights. The state-of-the-art image processing on the HONOR 8X brings newfound joy and ease to spontaneous shooting sessions, endowing a pocket-sized device with boundless capabilities.

HONOR 8X: A Camera that Reveals More

Thanks to a next-level Super Night Mode, these outings can take place at all hours. Indeed, unlike most mid-range or even flagship smartphones, the HONOR 8X takes stunning pictures under the cover of darkness, utilizing first-class image stabilization technology, for handheld night shooting that is astonishingly clear and revealing. The F/1.8 aperture, which admits 50% more light than the standard F/2.2 aperture, assists in the process to endow night shots with more-than-sufficient brightness.

HONOR 8X: A Camera that Reveals More

The HONOR 8X is ahead of its time in supporting 1080P Full-HD video shooting at a staggering 60 fps (frames per second). The camera can also take 480 fps videos and play them at 1/16 the speed, bringing the best moments in life into fully immersive splendor. Such quality videography perfectly suits today's social media-dominant age, allowing users to truly live in the moment, one glorious frame at a time.

The premium photography on the HONOR 8X is only enhanced on the newest X series release, the HONOR 9X will provide elite photography experience at a budget price.