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September 14, 2018

HONOR 7X Full Screen Phone under $200

honor 7x full screen phone under $200

From all-metal, double-shot to full-screen, it seems that every upgrade of the mobile phone industry is accompanied by price hikes, and other full-screen phones in the domestic market is not cheap. HONOR Play series has always insisted on making boutique mobile phones. HONOR 7X launched this time equipped with full screen + double camera sells for a surprising price. Its 3GB + 32GB version only needs 179.99 dollars. So what is the specific performance of this phone? Is it worth buying, this article will answer all your doubts.

HONOR 7X: Why not the machine at 200 dollars cannot have a comprehensive screen?

What are the advantages of the full screen? Why did all vendors want to produce it?I believe that you will have an answer when you look at the picture above. People exchange information through the phone screen. The bigger the screen is, the more information can be received. However, the screen can't be infinitely large. Too large screen will be inconvenient to carry. Making a larger screen in a limited size perhaps is the original intention of the full screen design.

honor 7x full screen phone under $200

HONOR 7X is equipped with a 5.93-inch 1080P screen. Because the full screen of HONOR 7X uses 18:9 display ratio. 1080P screen resolution is specifically 2160*1080 (not 1920*1080 in 16:9 display ratio). From the picture we can see that the size of the HONOR 7X is almost the same size as the traditional 5.5-inch mobile phone, and it can be held with one hand. But visually, you can experience nearly a 6- inch display, regardless of pictures, videos or games.

honor 7x full screen phone under $200 honor 7x full screen phone under $200

So, how big is the full screen of HONOR 7X? Look at the perspective above. Basically, the entire front is full of HONOR 7X screen, and the surrounding border is almost invisible.

honor 7x full screen phone under $200

Why is the full-screen mobile phone so expensive before HONOR 7X? The reason is very simple. The front of the fuselage is full of screens, and the forehead and chin are very narrow. But everyone knows that the forehead part usually has a series of components such as sensors, earpieces, front camera and so on. Undoubtedly, larger screens will squeeze the internal space of these components. What’s more, the full screen will further compress the space of the RF antenna, and the cost of the screen itself makes the full screen mobile phone difficult to make. However, through multiple rounds of optimization, HONOR 7X can ensure that the component space is reduced, but reliability is improved.

honor 7x full screen phone under $200 honor 7x full screen phone under $200

Besides the full screen, HONOR 7X is also equipped with a full metal body. Everyone knows the relationship between metal and signal like a couple of natural enemies, and the full screen will compress space. But HONOR still gave a full nano-injection solution to ensure the beauty and communication. In addition, the bottom of HONOR 7X is equipped with Micro-USB interface, 3.5mm headphone jack and integrated sound chamber.

honor 7x full screen phone under $200

From the appearance of the elements, HONOR 7X has 18:9 1080P full screen and nano-injected all-metal body. The exquisite feeling brought by the whole machine is not inferior to some mid-end flagship models. And it sells for less than 200 dollars. Do you want to buy it?