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我的荣耀 开启荣耀之旅

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February 23, 2020

EMUI Tips & Tricks Living with Clarity, from Calories to Kilos

It's pretty hard to get into shape when you're only doing one of the following: working out, or eating healthy. After going out for an hour-long run, or all-day bike ride, I'd often be tempted to pig out on fast food or desserts as my "reward". Eating carelessly undermined a lot of the hard work that I've made to get into tip-top shape.

But recently, I've been able to address both issues systematically, after purchasing the HONOR Band 5, and syncing it with my HONOR 9X phone. First there's HiVision, a phone feature that has really blown me away. It allows me to scan a food item, and get an instantaneous calorie count. It's really that simple – and functional.

HONOR is a Chinese brand, so I figure that this feature would work well for Chinese food!

EMUI Tips & Tricks Living with Clarity, from Calories to Kilos

The greatest benefit of HiVision is how it's helped scare me away from junk food. Recently I was considering getting a slice of cheesecake at the counter in a diner, but after scanning it, and audibly gasping at the calorie (and fat) count, I was ultimately able to exercise some self-control! I didn't get capture that particular slice, but here's what something a little… um, less nutritious… looks like.

EMUI Tips & Tricks Living with Clarity, from Calories to Kilos

It would be nice if it specified croissant, but still, not bad!

Then there's the band, which in spite of its cheap price, provides 10 distinct workout modes. I haven't had time to test out each, but if they all work as well as the running and cycling modes, it's quite the package!

I'm really committed to healthy living, but since I've never joined a gym, and depend on outdoor runs or bike rides, I'd never bothered to track my fitness goals.

For instance, I'd always assumed that my daily bike ride to and from work is 5 km. In reality, it's 3.7 km… that's simply not enough, even on a workday. I've committed to taking a more circuitous route on the way back, with scenic detours, to ensure that I meet that 5 km daily minimum. The extra few minutes of cycling might not sound like a lot, but it's made a substantial difference in my sense of self-worth.

To give you a sense of how easy it is to reference, here's an example of what's available through the health app, just for a brief 15-minute morning jog yesterday. So you can imagine the gold mine of data available for me over the next few weeks or months!

EMUI Tips & Tricks Living with Clarity, from Calories to Kilos

With dual calorie and fitness tracking capabilities, I've been able to implement my healthy lifestyle goals in a more comprehensive way. Who says that technology can't play an active role in an active lifestyle!