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December 10, 2018

Compare HONOR 10 Lite and 8X Camera, Specs & Battery

Shall I choose HONOR 10 Lite or HONOR 8X? Following HONOR 8X, HONOR series recently launched its all-new version, HONOR 10 Lite. Noticeably, HONOR 10 Lite and HONOR 8X both equip with Kirin 710 Chip! Which one is better? Shall we opt for HONOR 10 Lite or HONOR 8X? To answer these questions, we present you a comprehensive picture of compare and test review on HONOR 10 Lite and HONOR 8X.

Which one is better? HONOR 10 Lite or HONOR 8X?


HONOR 10 Lite features 3D gradient color glass back shell plus the loaded 6.21-inch pearl screen with the screen-to-body ratio reaching up to 90%, while HONOR 8X features dual-color collage 2.5D glass back shell in different styles. Comparatively speaking, 3D gradient color more fits in the mainstream tempo of current glass mobile designs and its handheld operation feel turns out to be much better.

HONOR 10 Lite appearance

Judging from their appearance, although HONOR 10 Lite and HONOR 8X do no show an obvious gap in their design styles, from the detailing perspective, HONOR 10 Lite looks prettier than HONOR 8X in beauty index.


HONOR 10 Lite features 24-megapixel front camera in combo with four-in-one photosensitive enhancement lens, F2.0 big aperture and LCD circular fill-in light tech, ensuring clearer and brighter selfies outcomes in dark light. As for back camera, HONOR 10 Lite loads 13-megapixel + 20-megapixel AI double-camera with F1.8 big aperture. It supports AI scene recognition characterized by 22 class and 500+ scene tags, and automatically proceeds with optimization adjustment according to variable scenes. What is more, HONOR 10 Lite also supports the function of AIS handheld super night scenes, which produces night scene blockbuster simply by handheld in 6s.

HONOR 8X provides very gelivable photo-taking capabilities. It features 16-megapixel camera supporting AI smart beautified photo, and 20-megapixel + 2-megapixel AI back double-camera. By further adding with AI portrait mode, it enables you to easily produce portrait blockbusters with glittery artistic sense.

HONOR 10 Lite appearance

In photo-taking perspective, HONOR 10 Lite has a better selfie beautification function than that of HONOR 8X. However as for back photo-taking, it is HONOR 8X that is better.


HONOR 10 Lite loads Kirin 710 chip, and adopts Taiwan Semiconductor 12nm process manufacture plus 8-core design that consists of four A73 cores and four A53 cores with the highest frequency at 2.2GHz. Compared with last generation GPU, Its capabilities prove to be up by 130% and CUP performance up by 75%.

HONOR 8X loads the newest version of Kirin 710 chip with 8 cores, and adopts big core A73 the same as that in Kirin 970. With its highly thrilling tech-GPU Turbo, compared with last generation Kirin 659, its singular-core performance proves to be up by 75%, multi-core performance up by 68%, GPU up by 130% and EER up by 100%.

In configuration perspective, HONOR 10 Lite and HONOR 8X both equip with the same processors, so basically be well-matched in performance.

Battery life:

HONOR 10 Lite is supplied with 3400mAh battery, and by adding with GPU Turbo 2.0 tech, it ensures smooth daily use and gameplay experiences.

HONOR 8X uses the standard configuration of 3750Ah big battery, in combo with smart power saving tech, uplifting the overall battery life by 40%. For instance, its can play the Honor of Kings for 8.5h,and Kives Out for 5h! What an incredibly amazing battery life!


In pricing, these two mobile phones are equally weighed.

Generally speaking, as HONOR 10 Lite and HONOR 8X originate from the same brand, together with their same pricing and very closely-matched hardware, they mainly differ in beauty index, screen dimension and some other highlight details. By comparison and contrast we easily see that, HONOR 10 Lite focuses on beauty index, selfies and single hand operation, so its positioning tends to care for female users’ demands, while HONOR 8X more focuses on screen audio/video gameplay and main camera photo-taking; so tends to target at male users’ demands. And the latter is additionally available with medium configuration version at a more economical pricing, and even added with Gyro support, so considered as slightly better in cost effective.