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September 12, 2018

Best Affordable Android Mobile Phone 2018

best affordable android mobile phone - honor 7c

There are new android mobile phones hitting the market constantly, but which is the best affordable one to pick up? Join us to look at the best affordable mobile phone—HONOR 7C— you can buy right now.

Design: Good-looking and Good Quality

If you hold the HONOR 7C in your hand, you will find that the excellent craftsmanship of HONOR mobile phone is also reflected in the machine. The treatment of the front 2.5D glass panel and the front shell surface is extremely delicate. Adding the texture of the metal body after sandblasting, the feeling of gripping the machine is not inferior to those mainstream flagship models. Thanks to using a full screen design, the large screen ratio also makes the machine in 5.99-inch size looks only in 5.7-inch size.

best affordable android mobile phone 2018

In terms of details, HONOR 7C retains the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is very rare under the current trend of canceling the headphone jack. At the same time, it also provides users with a three-card slot design, which means that it supports two nano SIM cards and one micro SD card storage expansion. It not only makes consumers no longer need to entangle the choice of card slot, but also is convenient for consumers who have a memory card.

best affordable android mobile phone 2018

Price: Affordable Android Mobile Phone

HONOR 7C starts at £169.99. It is a product specifically for the market below £200. When it comes to the products of this price segment, many people may think that they are very cheap. Although the first feeling of it is not surprising, it is far away from the cheap sense. If one uses a word to describe this product, inheritance should be more appropriate. Because you can easily find the traditional family style design of HONOR mobile phone on this product. The appearance of HONOR 7C has a clear advantage to other products at similar price, such as the LOGO of HONOR on the front bottom, the back layout, or the metal three-stage design.

best affordable android mobile phone 2018

Unlock: Have both Fingerprint and Face Recognition

As the biggest highlight of HONOR 7C, face recognition at first allows the model at less than two hundred dollars to have the original mainstream flagship function. The reason why HONOR 7C sells for such a price is that they want more users to enjoy such cool features. Users only need to find ‘face unlock’ in the settings and enter their face data. The speed of face recognition is particularly excellent in actual using process. Unlocking can be completed at the moment of lighting the screen. In terms of security, HONOR 7C uses a face recognition technology based on 1024 sets of feature dimensions. And unlock information will be stored in the local security zone, so that users can rest assured.

best affordable android mobile phone 2018

With the face recognition function, users are provided a brand new unlocking experience besides fingerprint unlock when they use the smartphones daily. In fact, the simple face recognition function enhances the user experience. Adding face recognition will greatly increase the cost of mobile phones and affect the development of mobile phone products. However, in order to meet the needs of this part of users, HONOR mobile phone insists on bringing face recognition to this product at less than two dollars. This attitude of making products is the answer that why HONOR mobile phone can become the leading brand of the Internet mobile phone just in four years.

In conclusion, HONOR 7C is HONOR’s budget-friendly one with face unlock, dual rear cameras and a big screen on a serious budget. If you are looking for an affordable android mobile phone, this is a phone that should be worth considering.

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