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October 28, 2022

Winners of HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2022 Announced

The annual photography contest concluded with over 300,000 submissions, the highest accolades in the contest to win a prize of US$10,000

Winners of HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2022 Announced

[SHENZHEN, China, October 28, 2022] – Global technology brand HONOR today announced the winners of HONOR Magic Moments 2022 Awards. Themed “Capture Every Sparkling Moment,” the mobile photography competition celebrates the human stories that are captured through the lenses of smartphones. The Photographer of the Year titles, the highest accolades in the contest with a prize of US$10,000, are awarded to Ao Zhuowen for his Protect Spring Buds, Xiao Shehui for his Night of Summer Harvest, and Liao Tiejun on his photo series entitled Ears. Alongside HONOR also announced the 20 winners of the Excellence Awards, 20 winners of the Recommendation Awards.

Introduced for the first time this year, HONOR Magic Moments 2022 recognize the finest photography talent hailing from select countries or regions, including Latin America, Middle East and Africax, Malaysia, Spain, Germany, France and Italy. The winners and their works are available to view on their respective country or region’s official HONOR Magic Moments website.

“The HONOR Magic Moments Awards are a celebration of the precious moments that are immortalized by the power of HONOR’s mobile technology,” said George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co, Ltd. “We are equally delighted and humbled by the enthusiastic support of the global photography community. We are thrilled to see how the talented HONOR community interpret our theme and tell us their personal stories. We look forward to empowering more talented minds to unleash their creativity through the lenses of smartphones.”

First hosted in 2021, the HONOR Magic Moments Awards aim to inspire creative photographers to harness the power of mobile technology to express themselves while providing a platform for global exchange and talent discovery. The 2022 edition of the competition saw the highest number of submissions yet, with more than 300,000 entries from photographers worldwide who are eager to share their magic moments with a global audience.

For the first time, HONOR Magic Moments offered 10 categories, including the returning Documentary, Abstract, Dark Night, Landscape, Cityscape, Portrait and Creatures categories, as well as the new Short Videos and Photo Series categories. Inspiring individual actions with the power of images, the newly added Green category taps into the influence of images to remind the audiences of how our actions play a pivotal role to our planet. The evolved range of categories challenged photographers to not only think from a singular angle, but also consider the storytelling possibilities of combining several in a photo collage.

The panel of judges this year comprises seven veteran and award-winning photographers who are renowned for their works in their respective fields, including Fu Yongjun, documentary photography and exhibition curator of the China Photographers Association; Xiao Ge, wildlife photographer and “Best Chinese Photographer” at TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT; Eugenio Recuenco, world-renowned art photographer and film director from Spain; Sergio Tapiro, landscape photographer and World Press Photo and National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Awards winner; Bieke Depoorter, Magnum Photographer and published author; H. Loren Nielsen, Member of the Board of Directors of the Hollywood Professional Association.

The winning works of HONOR Magic Moments Awards are publicly available on the official global HONOR Magic Moments Awards website: magic-moments-awards/en/2022-awards/

I. Highlights of Grand Prize Winners:

Winners of HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2022 Announced

Stranded Ship, by M.Fuad (Malaysia), shot on HONOR Magic4 Pro

Winners of HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2022 Announced

Albufera Valencia, by Rogelio Pinate (Spain)

Winners of HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2022 Announced

Der rote Berg, by Sandra (Germany), shot on HONOR Magic4 Pro

II. Photographers of the Year:

Winners of HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2022 Announced

Protect Spring Buds, by Ao Zhuowen (China), shot on HONOR Magic3 Pro+

Winners of HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2022 Announced

Night of Summer Harvest, by Xiao Shehui (China), shot on HONOR 60

Winners of HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2022 Announced

Ears, shot by Liao Tiejun (China), shot on HONOR Magic4 Pro

III. Other Winners

Winners of HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2022 Announced

Catch You, shot by ZEC (Portugal), shot on HONOR Magic3 Pro

Winners of HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2022 Announced

Cable Car, by lipi_mendes (Portugal), shot on HONOR 50 Series


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