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June 20, 2016

Honor 5C – The future in your hand

From the moment you start using your Honor 5C you feel that you are part of something different. You feel the power of the future in your hand: the technology that unlocks your potential, the design that matches your lifestyle and the battery life that keeps going to meet your needs. Experience the Honor 5C and you’ll find next generation innovation at every step of the way…
1. Flawless performance that is lightning fast 

Powered by the all-new Kirin 650 chipset: the Honor 5C brings lightening speeds and smooth transition between different apps, modes and functions – flawless rapid performance at its best. The big.LITTLE architecture with cutting-edge FinFET Plus 16 nm chip technology brings a 65% increase in performance using 40% less power than earlier models, so you experience the best performance, with the long lasting power you need to keep going all day.

Love gaming, tired of screen-lag? The Honor’s Mali-T830 GPU with 100% enhanced GPU performance gives the most seamless, fluent, and graphically-intense gaming experiences of your life, however fast and furious your game choice. 

Your ultimate smooth user experience is further guaranteed by the eMMC 5.1–based flash memory chip and all-new EMUI 4.1 OS.

1.Flagship-grade 16 nm chipset technology    
2.65% increase in performance    
3.100% increase in GPU performance

2. 24/7 battery-life & built in power efficiency

The Honor 5C’s 3000mAh battery with Huawei’s SmartPower 3.0 power-saving technology, Android 6.0’s Doze Mode features, 16 nm power-efficient Kirin 650 chipset, and all new big.LITTLE architecture reduces power consumption by 40%*.

The result? An average 1.34 days of battery life, even with heavy usage.*

1.3000 mAh battery    
2.40% lower power consumption 

3.  Forward-thinking fingerprint technology, built for you

Authentication and access has never been so easy and entertaining.

Never miss a moment with the advanced Swedish fingerprint sensor which unlocks in just 0.5 seconds at your touch.
The sensor can register a new fingerprint profile in just six touches for a super quick setup; the reader will continually improve its accuracy over time, and even recognizes you when your hands are wet.

Replay Protected Memory Block (RPMB) technology encrypts and stores fingerprint data in a separate secure storage area and ensures that fingerprint data cannot be accessed, even if the phone is rooted.

Your Honor 5C is now yours, ready for action with a single touch: capture images, answer calls, manage your notification bar and view photos through the one-touch function, even with wet hands!

1.0.5 seconds unlocking speed     
2.Add a fingerprint in 6 touches

4. Next generation technology inside, ergonomic look outside

A lightning fast Kirin 650 chipset and Mali-T830 GPU is housed inside a gorgeous aviation-grade aluminum-alloy body. Your Honor 5C provides a look and feel that’s cutting edge to the core. 

The highly durable 5.2-inch external body is coated with a smooth scratch-resistant coating for lasting protection against corrosion, wear and tear.

1.5.2-inch display    
2.Aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy 

5. Your smile deserves the best 

Don’t forget to get yourself in the shot with the powerful 8 MP front-facing camera, which has blazing fast capture and preview speeds.  

With the powerful image sensor, an F2.0 aperture, 77° wide-angle and 4P lens, beautiful photo composition and crystal-clear images can be yours – just one touch away. 

Dive into Honor’s amazing Beauty Mode and get creative with its 10 levels of beautifying effects, flawless results for the selfie-lover in us all.

1.8 MP front camera    
2.Prime ISP     
3.Wide F2.0 aperture

6. Capture all of life’s wonderful moments

Capture your interesting life with Honor 5C’s state-of-the-art 13 MP rear camera.

Featuring an F2.0 aperture, 78° wide-angle and 5P lens, Prime ISP, BSI sensor and flash-ready HDR mode, the camera will enable you to take amazing shots whether traveling, creating or just enjoying time with friends. 

The AF coating of the lens is ultra-strong, fingerprint resistant and can effectively enhance image quality by reducing glare and avoiding overly-red pictures affected by unwanted infrared light.

Digitally master your shots on the fly with SmartImage 3.0, now featuring a variety of new shooting modes and a range of advanced camera options for a professional-level finish: Light Painting mode gives you manual control of the shutter for long exposure shots, Professional mode provides a range of DSLR-style camera settings, and Document adjustment automatically crops and straightens images of documents.

1.13 MP rear camera    
2.Prime ISP     
3.Flash-capable HDR mode

7. Never drop calls: seamless connectivity guaranteed

It is important to stay connected, which is why dropped calls, dead zones and poor cell phone reception are so frustrating. 

Dual antenna system allows the phone to automatically switch between antennas for seamless connectivity. 

Dual antennas for seamless connectivity

8. Perfect clarity and vivid vision, right in front of you

74% screen-to-body ratio, 5.2-inches 16.7 million color 1080p Full-HD screen (423 PPI), gives beautifully clear and vivid screen clarity.

Immerse yourself in color with near perfect color reproduction and easy to control color temperature 

Support 10-point multi-touch function.

1.1080P Full HD screen    
2.423 PPI    
3.16.7 million color

9. Don’t lose your beat

There’s no reason to lug around a wireless speaker or boombox when your tunes sound this good. With a built-in amplifier and audio optimizations, you can bring rich distortion-free music to get the party started anytime, anywhere. 

The smart-power amplifier optimizes sound output in real time using a built-in DSP algorithm and Huawei's super wide sound (SWS) technology to produce a rich, immersive audio experience with reduced noise and distortion.

1.Integrated speaker box   
2.Smart power amplifier    
3.SWS surround sound

10. New go-to life hacks at your fingertips with EMUI 4.1

Powered by the Android 6.0 Marshmallow-based user interface EMUI 4.1, the Honor 5C offers innovative functions which will soon become your go-to life hacks. 

Ever had a chat that goes on for screens and screens and wish you could just save it all in one place? Honor 5C will enable you to easily screen-shot multiple pages of chat or web content into one single image, so saving and later searching for your all-important data is now easier than ever.

You can also video-record the activities on your phone with just two clicks, a perfect way to capture the highlights of your favorite mobile game or video call.

11. Quality that speaks for itself

Guaranteed optimal durability, secured with reliability testing:

1.Drop test: Dropped the Honor from 1.5 m in addition to the original 1 m and 1.2 m tests.

2.Impact test: In order to test the ability of interior components to withstand an impact, a 130 g/32 mm steel ball was dropped twice from a height of 23 cm.

3.Port durability test: The headset jack and micro-USB port were plugged and unplugged 20,000 times – equivalent to nearly 55 years if the ports are used once per day.

4.Temperature/Humidity test: The phone was subjected to a temperature of 85 oC at 85% humidity for 500 hours. 

5.Change of temperature: The phone was subjected to 600 cycles of rapid temperature changes from –40 oC to +70 oC.

6.Salt spray test: The phone was subjected to a fine mist made from a 5% sodium chloride solution at 35 oC for 24 hours. 

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