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Employees are our most valuable asset. We provide
employees with reasonable salaries and benefits, as well
as potential career development paths.
Dedicated Employees
as Foundation
“Consumer focus and dedicated employees as our foundation” is one of the core values that HONOR upholds. We provide competitive payment and comprehensive benefit plans for our employees.
Work-Life Balance
Employees are our most valuable asset. We keep working to create a concise, efficient and supportive environment and look after physical and mental well-being of employees from various aspects,thus keep improving the sense of achievement and happiness of all our team members.
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Inclusion and Diversity
HONOR is a global enterprise and we fully treat everyone with respect and dignity.
HONOR has a total of more than 13,000 employees worldwide and we do not discriminate against employees based on race, gender, religion, physical condition, etc. but encourage every employee to shine in the appropriate position.
In China, some ethnic minority employees have grown into managers or experts and minority ethnic groups account for 14.3% of board members. Outside of China, local employees have become an important force in the development of our global business.
Furthermore, we respect the rights and interests of disabled employees, and we are committed to creating a barrier-free, friendly and supportive work culture for everyone.
Promote employment and
economic prosperity
By providing career opportunities worldwide,
we contribute to promote economic development and prosperity.
Direct employment positions
Indirect employment positions
* Data updated as of December, 2023