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November 19, 2018

HONOR View 10: Smartphone for Better Selfies

HONOR view 10- smartphone for better selfies

That little camera on the front of your HONOR smartphone practically started a revolution. Read on to find out how the HONOR View 10 is THE smartphone for better selfies.

Though the humble selfie is thought of as a modern conception, it actually has a grand old history. Way back in the 19th Century, photography pioneers were taking pictures of themselves. Back then, though, it took literally minutes to take each photo. These days, that would make our arms really ache, so HONOR have made taking the most awesome selfies quicker than the blink of an eye.

The future of selfies

With the View 10, HONOR have introduced their mind-bogglingly good AI-powered Portrait mode. It takes selfies like never before. You get an instant touch-up that makes you look like you've just had a week in a spa retreat followed by having five or six of Hollywood's greatest make-up artists at your beck and call for the day.

Which sounds pretty cool, don't you think? And it sure beats just any old average 'out in the pouring rain at the local store' selfie!

So, how does the HONOR View 10 pull off this marvellous feat? Well, it is all down to their advanced AI processor, built into every HONOR View 10. Called the Kirin 970, it is put to excellent use in processing selfies. Harnessing its awesome power, the HONOR View 10 can take in your pose and surroundings, adapting itself at incomprehensible speed to ensure that it takes the perfect selfie, no matter what conditions you find yourself in.

And while you are picking the perfect pose, that processor is making millions of calculations. Looking at the background, working out where you are in frame, looking at what colours you are wearing and what the light looks like on you. Then, when you touch the button, it takes a snapshot and, using that analysis, adjusts every little bit of the image to ensure you come out looking like a million dollars.

But, of course, there are some things that even an amazing, ground-breaking phone like the HONOR View 10 can't do, like telling you that right in front of the sewer maintenance truck ain't a great place to stand! So, here are a couple of tips for better selfies.

Work out your brand

Think what look you are going for: if you are not sure whether you want to look silly or smoking hot, neither will your followers. Why not take both, then pick the best?

It's behind you!

As mentioned, check out the background: we have all seen those horror selfie memes on the web, so look at what is behind you (unless you're using the HONOR View 10's brilliant ability to blur backgrounds, in which case, go right ahead and skip this step!)

Dazzle in all the right ways

If the sun is shining, then great. However, nobody wants the scrunchy-eye effect, so stand with the sun just to one side and ever so slightly behind you. No squinting and no silhouettes, either (unless that's what you want, of course.)

With these tips and the HONOR View 10, you'll be taking the best selfies ever in a flash! (Pardon the pun!)