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September 12, 2018

8 Reasons Why HONOR 10 is the Best Looking Smartphone

HONOR is a brand whose line of smartphones wins lots of fans in global market.

In May, 2018, HONOR 10 was released and highlights with the sleek new design. Today we would like to share with you the reasons which make HONOR 10 one of the best looking smartphone of HONOR brand in 2018.

1. Glass Back Design

The first reason is its glass back design. You will be surprised that you can find aurora reflected on glass. From different angle, you can see different color. At the same time, it is the world's first “phantom blue” luxurious glass with 15 layer film. That is to say its new aurora gradient glass back design allows you see different colors from different angles, so it creates a glamorous effect like aurora. Most users find it really beautiful and attractive.

best looking smartphone honor 10

2. Four-sided Curved Design

The second reason is the pure and smooth four-sided curved design, which makes it comfortable to hold.

3. Fullview Display

HONOR 10 provides you with 5.8''fullview display, with more than 80% screen-to-body ratio. How to make a cell phone with a higher screen ratio? HONOR 10 owns custom micro camera and periscope micro receiver, uses corner cutting and multi band integrated antenna technology.

4. Status Bar Display

The fourth reason is its status bar display. Its advantages are rich array of notifications, including time, network signal status, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, battery, NFC, alarms, and more.

In comparison, some other smartphone brands in the market only displays time, network signals, Wi-Fi status, and battery level.

5. Natural Tone Display

The fifth reason is its natural tone display, which allows a comfortable reading at all light conditions. With this feature, you will more enjoy reading and at the same time won’t hurt your eyes.

6. Large Battery and SuperCharge

The sixth reason is HONOR’s 7.7 slim line yet large battery. It is over 25% more than iPhone X.

According to HONOR lab test, charging to 50% only costs 25 minutes. With the SuperCharge features of HONOR, you would never need to wait for hours before your phone charge completely.

best looking smartphone HONOR 10

7. Size & Display

The seventh reason is its display. It is designed in 5.84 inch, with 19:9 HONOR FullView Display, which is perfectly fit for one hand grip.

best looking smartphone honor 10

8. Colors

The last one about its design is its color. Phantom blue, phantom green, midnight black, glacier grey are provided for choosing.

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