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Functions and Features
Protect your privacy by heart with our privacy-protection-based design.
We have incorporated privacy technologies into the development of our products with the concept of privacy protection in mind, minimizing our or third-parties access to your private information.
Privacy Moment
Privacy Moment prevents your device from being tracked or monitored. When turned on, You can just use Phone, Contacts, and Messages and receive calls from your contacts only. Recording, Camera, Location, Internet, and Bluetooth will be disabled. You cannot locate the device via Find Device or HONOR ID.
HONOR Health
HONOR Health provides health and fitness management services. Your personal information in the app is under your own control. The exercise and health data will be encrypted in the app and can be uploaded to the cloud when Data Sync is enabled. You can delete the data synced to the cloud anytime anywhere. We adopt innovative technologies to protect your privacy in multiple ways. For example, differential privacy can provide data comparison without uploading your original data. Instead, it will generate a data summary and add noise to it to ensure that personal data cannot be distinguished. This technology can better protect privacy, and at the same time, improve your user experience.
HONOR Connect
HONOR Connect provides device interconnection features under the same HONOR ID, such as Connected Notification, Connected Call, Connected Apps, Connected Input, and multi-device connection of earbuds. It allows devices to automatically discover each other and transfer files. Meanwhile, it secures your data during seamless device collaboration.
Owner Identification
This feature helps identify the device owner across devices. When enabled, the facial information stored on the phone will be securely transferred to other devices logged into the same HONOR ID for encryption and local storage, and will not be uploaded to the cloud.
Magic Text
This feature helps you extract text and scan documents. To protect your privacy, the image and text information will only be processed locally.
"Extract text" allows you to extract text from an image, then you can copy, drag or tap it to get related services. This service needs to use the text recognition function of HONOR AIEngine to analyze and identify text in images.
"Scan document" takes pictures of your documents via camera with your permission, and crops them for convenient viewing in work, study, and daily life. You can also edit document pictures and save the edited version as an electronic file. With permission to access your photos, you can edit documents scanned and saved to Gallery. This service needs to use the edge detection function of HONOR AIEngine to process your image data.
Data Sync
HONOR Data Sync allows you to synchronize app data across devices and protects your data and privacy with industry-leading technologies. For example, Password Vault data is protected by end-to-end encryption and is synced to other devices logged into your HONOR ID to ensure neither other people nor HONOR can access your data. It can only be decrypted when you log in to the device with your HONOR ID. You can disable Data Sync or delete cloud data at any time to secure your personal information.
HONOR AI Space helps you manage multiple devices. It will establish a secure communication channel with devices to transfer your command. To protect your privacy and ensure device security, we will use HONOR ID for identity verification. Other users can control the devices only based on your authorization. You can revoke the authorization at any time.
Discover Unknown
Bluetooth Tags
Bluetooth tags are Bluetooth devices used for item location and may be used for malicious tracking. We provide the function to discover unknown Bluetooth tags. When a Bluetooth tag is detected to follow your phone for a distance, your Honor phone will alert you that an unknown Bluetooth tag is following you, and you can follow the sound to find this Bluetooth tag. You can choose to turn this feature off at any time.
AI Privacy Call
The AI privacy call can effectively minimize sound leakage and protect your privacy. You can make phone calls in the AI privacy call mode without worrying about the call being heard by those around you, especially when taking the elevator, car or meeting. You can go to Settings > Accessibility features > AI Private Call to turn it on or off.
Online Number
The Online Number Identification feature can help you identify unknown numbers by classifying them with a yellow page descriptor (brand and merchant) and a harassment type descriptor (harassment, fraud, sales, courier, real estate agent, and others). This feature works only with your authorization and will not store information about your call history.
Privacy options
Privacy options is a feature that provides privacy protection when sharing pictures:

1. You can choose to remove the location and parameter details from image files before sharing them to prevent sensitive information from being revealed.

2. Help protect your privacy by providing the ability to "Remove location information" and "Remove photo information" when sharing pictures.
Notes lock
The Notes Lock feature provides password protection for the important information that you've entered on the fly. Data is processed on-device and will not be uploaded to servers.
App Lock
We have provided an App Lock feature to prevent unauthorized access to private information contained in your apps. Locked apps can only be accessed after authentication to ensure the privacy of the device owner.
Secure input
Secure input provides you with a safe input environment and is enabled by default. The system will automatically switch to secure input when you need to enter a password. This feature will not collect your inputs or remember your input history. Also, screenshot and recording functions will be disabled when secure input is active to ensure password security.
Differential Privacy
We use differential privacy technology to protect your privacy. When you agree to share your data with Honor, Magic UI processes the raw data through differential privacy algorithms and adds randomized "noise" before uploading it to Honor servers. With statistical analysis, Honor can only study the overall distribution of data but will not have access to exact information about you. For example, the "Honor User Experience Improvement Program" uses differential privacy technology to collect information about the daily screen time on user devices. This data can only express the approximate number of users in different time brackets but will not reveal the exact screen time of individual users.
Fake base station detection
To protect your privacy and property, we use underlying communication algorithms to identify fake base stations and prevent them from sending you false advertisements and fraudulent SMS messages.
MAC address randomization
We have provided the ability to use randomly assigned MAC addresses during network detection. Unlike fixed MAC addresses, a randomly assigned MAC address can help prevent tracking when connecting to Wi-Fi networks and enhance privacy protection.
HONOR ID is applicable to access all of our services. To ensure the security of your account, assets, and data, we provide the following security measures : Users can manage account information provided to non-Honor services through the Honor account authorization function. Honor provides an end-to-end lifecycle risk identification mechanism, including but not limited to account registration, login, access, password recovery and appeal, etc.; for devices under the same local area network, log in to the Honor account to make the devices interconnected and ensure the legality of the devices and data security.
You can control what data to provide to the app.
You have control over your data with permissions.
Permission minimization
All permissions are managed transparently. Each permission requires your consent to use and can be disabled on the permission management page.

1. The system will provide suggestions on granting the least number of permissions to common apps.

2. Background access to the camera and microphone is not permitted by default.

3. Granted permissions will be automatically revoked for apps that have not been used for 90 days.
Progressive permission
granting model
We use a tiered, progressive permission management model to reduce and limit access to user data.

1. A permission can have the following four states: “deny”, “Allow this time only”, “Allow only while in use”, and “Allow all the time”.

2. The Storage permission can have the following three states: “deny” (only access to the app‘s own directories are allowed), “Photo and videos", and "All files".

3. The Location permission will be first granted as "Allow only while in use" and then as " Allow all the time".
Sensitive permission
access alerts
Notification bar reminders and pop-up messages ensure that you are alerted timely and can stop an app from trying to access sensitive permissions.
Privacy access history &
risk report
With the privacy access history and risk report feature,users can stay informed about sensitive permission access history and privacy risks.In addition,optimization suggestions will be provided based on the "Minimization and only when necessary" principle.
Data and Privacy
The “Data and Privacy” page shows our privacy principles, philosophy, and privacy statements for related apps. It helps you understand how Honor will collect and use your personal information, what personal data may be shared, how it will be used to improve your experience, and how your data subject rights can be exercised before you log in to your device.
App networking and
launch management
The network access methods (mobile data or WLAN) of individual apps can be managed to prevent them from collecting and transmitting data over the network without permission.

The launch behaviors (self-launch, associated launch or background activity) of individual apps can be managed to restrict unauthorized auto-launches and reduce the risk of revealing personal information. Unnecessary auto-launches can also be restricted using intelligent app launch management, which automatically identifies apps and usage scenarios.
Automatically clear
the clipboard
In the daily use of the phone, important information, such as delivery information, phone numbers, email addresses, and even passwords, may be stored on the clipboard. To prevent personal information from leakage, clipboard content will be automatically deleted 5 minutes after each update. When an app reads the clipboard, the system alerts the user via a message about the behavior.
Protecting device security.
Multiple protections that starts and stays with your device.
Lock Screen Password
As a crucial barrier that protects the security of your device, screen lock passwords are guarded by the following measures in Magic UI to prevent them from being leaked.

1. Entered lock screen passwords will be stored by an irreversible algorithm and protected with a hardware-bound unique key.

2. Lock screen password verifications are done in a secure and hardware-isolated environment.

3. Magic UI imposes password attempt limits to prevent forced cracking.

The lock screen password must be entered after a reboot or after 72 hours of the last password input and cannot be substituted by biometric authentication methods such as facial recognition and fingerprints.

The lock screen password is also used to encrypt and protect your privacy. Data such as pictures, text messages, emails, and other application data will not be accessible without password verification.
3D Face Recognition
Magic UI features built-in face recognition that's more secure and widely suited for high-security scenarios (such as making payments). Multiple safeguards are implemented to ensure the security of your facial data.

1. The acquisition, detection, extraction, comparison, and storage of facial data are performed in a TEE secure environment.

2. System and the third-party apps that use face recognition will only get the verification result but not the facial data itself.

3. Facial data is encrypted by a high-strength algorithm and saved to a secure storage location.

4. Facial data will only be stored on-device and will not be sent, exported, or backed up to cloud services or external storage media.
From enrollment to authentication, fingerprint information will never be uploaded to servers but converted into templates and stored in a secure and isolated environment on-device.
Find Device & Activation Lock
Magic UI has a Find Device function. If your Honor phone or tablet is lost or stolen, you can log in to the Honor Find Device website or the Find Device app to find your lost device. The following features can help you find your lost device, secure data on your device, and keep your privacy safe.
√ Locate device: Shows the location of the device on the map. It includes active positioning and automatic reporting of location information when the battery is low.
√ Play ringtone: The device plays the alert ringtone at maximum volume, regardless of whether it is silent or in vibration mode.
√ Shutdown verification password: After this function is turned on, the lock screen password will be required to shut down the phone.
√ Enable mobile data remotely: If your device is disconnected from the internet when you use Find Device, Find Device will help you remotely turn on the mobile data of your device.
√ Lost mode: Lock the screen and enter a special power-saving mode. Display the message and contact number on the screen and report locations automatically. Send a text message after the internet connection is established. In addition, the contact information on incoming calls and new messages will be hidden.
√ Lock the SIM card: After entering the lost mode, you can lock the SIM card on the device. After that, you need to enter the password when inserting the SIM card into other devices or after restarting the device.
√ Erase data: Restore the device to factory settings and erase all data (including data on the memory card) permanently. After that, you will still be able to locate the device. Your HONOR ID password is still required to use the device.
√ Activation lock: If the device is lost and the data is erased, the next time it is restarted, the user will need to log in to the HONOR ID to re-activate the device. This feature ensures that unauthorized users cannot activate and use the device to keep it safe.
Independent Secure Chip
Some Honor products use a secure chip independent of the main chip. The chip meets the hardware-level CC EAL5+ security certification standard and has its own memory, persistent storage media, processor, hardware encryption and decryption engine, and software system. It further enhances the protection of lock screen password verification, biometric data, and activation lock data to protect users' data security.
Honor phones equipped with the independent secure chip ensure the security of hardware and information data. The phone is bound to the security chip. Even if lost and maliciously rooted, the HONOR ID password will be required to access the phone. Internal data is encrypted by the secure chip and cannot be accessed even if the ROM chip is physically dismantled.
Secure Keys
When mobile payment establishes bank payment channels to conduct transactions, it verifies the transaction mainly by sending text messages to the phone, which does not prevent theft. Currently, banks primarily use second-generation U-shield solutions, which require additional hardware, resulting in less portability and the risk of hardware damage, loss, low usage, and poor user experience.
We use an industry-recognized and certified built-in chip to replace the second-generation U-shield, turning the traditional plug-and-play U-shield into a portable mobile shield that provides financial-grade hardware protection for electronic payments.
-The information shown on this website (privacy protection features and product privacy features) is for reference only. Please refer to the features provided in the product for accurate information. Some features may only be available in certain countries or regions.
-The information shown on this website only applies to the Honor Magic UI mobile systems and certain applications. Please refer to relevant descriptions for the privacy features and functions of other Honor products (such as PC, Tablet, and TV).
-The information shown on this website applies to Honor phones with Magic UI 5.0 and above. Some content applies to Magic UI 3.0 and Magic UI 4.0.
If you have questions or suggestions about the information shown on this site, please click here to contact us.