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November 16, 2021

HONOR Unveils New Tech and Design Trends Taking the Smartphone Industry by Storm with WGSN

HONOR’s Chief Designer reveals the design process behind the launch of the HONOR 50


[16 Nov 2021] - To celebrate the launch of the new HONOR 50 smartphone, HONOR invited WGSN and a panel of experts including HONOR’s Chief Designer Yuan Ze, to discuss the rising technology and design trends to watch in 2022 and the emerging consumer behaviors driving the desire for brighter, bolder technology that helps people to stand out from the crowd in the era of the metaverse. In a new report, HONOR provides a behind the scenes glimpse into how it is designing sophisticated devices such as the HONOR 50 to reflect the changing needs of consumers in 2021 and beyond.

HONOR Unveils New Tech and Design Trends Taking the Smartphone Industry by Storm with WGSN

A Move Towards Tech Couture

During the panel discussion, WGSN uncovered a shift in consumer behavior towards ‘Everyday Extravagance’ – which sees consumers indulging in an ever-growing desire to escape the ordinary and adopt expressive styles that uplift, augment, and reignite optimism for the future. “An expressive design language addresses the problem of style homogeneity in the tech space, making tech feel more personal and representative of our identities,” Says WGSN.

HONOR Code: A Unique Colorway Marking a New Design Direction

In line with the heightened desire for self-expression, WGSN shared how monogram looks are here to stay, with consumers embracing new ways to elevate their identities through bold statement looks. “In 2021, we’re witnessing a new era of monogram fashion, with brands using monograms to take their fashion stories to the next level, creating greater engagement with consumers eager to find new ways to express their style,” says WGSN.

In light of the growing demand for monograms, the HONOR 50 has been designed in a range of stunning colors including HONOR Code, an innovative colorway incorporating the “HONOR” logo across the back, allowing consumers to accessorize their outfits with a stylish monogram design. 

We’ve seen a shift in consumers seeking new experiences and new ways to make a statement about who they are as a person through their smartphone choices. In line with this, we wanted to move away from the traditional monochromatic colors of mobile phones by offering a selection of unique colorways that allow consumers to choose the best colors to represent their unique style and identities,” says Yuan Ze, Chief Designer at HONOR.

“The HONOR 50 breaks down the five letters and reconstructs them to create a novel and holistic image sequence that conveys an energetic and vibrant visual effect”, says Yuan Ze, Chief Designer at HONOR. “This eye-catching design is a unique one for the smartphone industry, inspired by the latest fashion trends and marking a step away from the classic blacks and more muted tones on offer from other smartphone brands”.

The Gaming Effect: HONOR Designs Inspired by the Digital World

Smartphones are increasingly inspired by the digital world, when it comes to color, materials, and finishes, with aesthetics continuing to become bolder and designed to make an impact, says WGSN.

“From the beginning, HONOR was determined to create a stunning and stylish design for the all-new HONOR 50, with the aim of moving away from traditional colors to reflect the ever-changing fashion and design trends shaping the world today,” says Yuan Ze, Chief Designer at HONOR.  With the help of a brand-new “sparkle-like-diamond” technology, the Frost Crystal colorway, glimmers, and sparkles like a diamond, catching the light as users tilt it.

“Leveraging an innovative design technique, the HONOR 50 underwent an extremely complex dual-filming, dual-texture and dual-coating processing procedure as part of the manufacturing process, to create a sophisticated texture,” continued Yuan Ze. “Thanks to HONOR’s wealth of experience in craftsmanship, the HONOR 50 stands out from competitors with its colorways and finishes.”

The Desire for Beautiful Form and Function: The Importance of Craftmanship in Tech

According to WGSN, content mentioning crafts, savoir-faire, or artisanship has been gaining momentum for the past months as fashion houses communicate more regularly about their craftmanship, and consumers become more knowledgeable about it. “Consumers not only demand stunning appearances, but also products designed with premium craftsmanship that incorporate both form and function into the overall design” says Yuan Ze, Chief Designer at HONOR. “Each stage of the design process can take several months as all our smartphones go through a rigorous testing process to ensure we are delivering top tier products that meet the needs of consumers today.”

Continuing the HONOR Series’ legacy of integrating premium aesthetics and technology, the HONOR 50 draws inspiration from the classic ring designs of luxury jewelry brands. The main camera is polished with the same timeless metal ring around the edge, achieving the perfect combination of form factor and feature. “This unique design wasn’t easy to achieve, taking our design and engineering team more than five months to perfect,” said Yuan Ze. “Not only did we need to pack a huge 108MP camera module into the ring, but we also wanted to create a premium look and feel, using the perfect combination of metal, real glass, polymer materials and films until we reached our final design.”

HONOR Unveils New Tech and Design Trends Taking the Smartphone Industry by Storm with WGSN

Yuan Ze concluded: “From concept to trial production, great design takes time. Although this journey took our team around 12 months, we’re proud to have created a device that combines premium craftmanship with a range of sophisticated colors and finishes to give consumers endless possibilities to stand out from the crowd in 2021 and beyond.”

The full version of the panel discussion will be available on HONOR’s global YouTube channel.

To download the full Style, Smartphones and Self-Expression trends report, visit here Link.


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