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November 23, 2023

HONOR Debuts the New HONOR 100 Series in China

Unleashes a World of Artistic Excellence with Stunning Design and Next-level, Human-centric Features

[Wuhan, China – November 23, 2023] Global technology brand HONOR today announced the launch of the HONOR 100 Series, bringing together a multitude of cutting-edge features, flagship processor, exceptional performance and efficiency. By combining innovative technology and revolutionary design, the HONOR 100 Series offers consumers with a top-notch choice that packs with significant breakthroughs, setting a new benchmark for technological aesthetics in the smartphone industry.

Redefining Visual Appeal with New Artistic Aesthetics

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Casa Milà, designed by renowned Spanish architect Antonic Gaudi, the HONOR 100 Pro features an innovative new artistic lens. Paying tribute to the symmetrical courtyard windows design of the masterpiece, the camera is a harmonious blend of rational geometry and fluid curves. With its natural artistic curves reminiscent of the radiance of diamonds, the HONOR 100 Pro creates a visually stunning interplay between traditional and groundbreaking design, redefining the concept of aesthetic excellence.

Furthermore, the HONOR 100 Series boasts a back panel design that reflects the sophistication and style found in luxury handbags and haute couture fashion. Combining glass and embossed leather with lattice patterns, it creates a distinctive dual-texture design that offers a remarkable tactile sensation. This meticulous deconstruction not only enhances the device’s touch and feel but also presents a dynamic aesthetic experience.

Impressive Portraits Capabilities with Advanced Camera Technology

The HONOR 100 Series is equipped with the cutting-edge Sony IMX 906 sensor, which supports 4-in-1 pixel binning, dual stabilization with OIS and EIS. The 112° ultra-wide-angle macro lens offers AI super wide-angle shots and enables macro photography with a minimum focusing distance of 2.5cm. Taking a step further, the HONOR 100 Pro features a 50x telephoto lens with OIS, ensuring clear and detailed shots in various shooting scenarios. In terms of front camera, the HONOR 100 Pro introduces the Sony IMX816 portrait lens, which supports AF autofocus with a minimum focusing distance of 15cm, which also offers a wide viewing angle of 90°, allowing users to capture high-quality selfies with ease and precision.

The HONOR 100 Series showcases advanced algorithm enhancements. Equipped with a powerful portrait engine, it supports professional-grade portrait lighting and shadow effects, creating a harmonious interplay of brightness and shading that adds a cinematic visual aesthetic to portraits. Furthermore, the new portrait engine is also able to enhance skin texture and tone, adding authenticity and delicacy to facial features. It also delivers intelligent and enhanced beauty functionalities, providing users with a range of new imaging experiences.

Elevating Viewing Experience with Superior Eyecare Display

Packed with an array of industry-leading eye comfort features such as a Natural Color Display, 360° Adaptive Dimming and Natural Light Eye Protection, the HONOR 100 Pro provides users with an enhanced, enjoyable viewing experience. It also supports the Circadian Night Display technology, which filters blue light and promotes natural melatonin secretion to improve user sleep quality at night. To further enhance the eye protection experience, the device incorporates 3840Hz1 PWM dimming technology, addressing visual fatigue that is commonly associated with low-frequency PWM dimming2 effectively.

The HONOR 100 Series also adopts a new generation of Quad-curved Display with an impressive peak brightness of up to 2600nits and an exceptional contrast ratio of 5000000:1, offering an immersive visual experience. Additionally, the HONOR 100 Series has undergone extensive technological and algorithmic upgrades that are specifically designed to optimize video playback. These enhancements ensure that users can enjoy high-definition HDR content with vibrant colors and captivating details. Whether it’s watching videos or engaging in social interactions, the HONOR 100 Series provides an exceptional visual experience that brings content to life.

Unmatched Performance Powered by Flagship Hardware Capabilities

Powered by the robust Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform, the HONOR 100 Pro delivers an outstanding mobile performance. Featuring the GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration technology, the HONOR 100 Pro ensures smooth and stable high-frame-rate gameplay, even for graphically demanding games. The HONOR 100 Series is also equipped with its proprietary HONOR C1 RF enhancement chipset, offering industry-leading communication capabilities and seamless internet access through LINK Turbo X. With the intelligent Android-based MagicOS 7.2 operating system, the HONOR 100 Series ensures a secure and convenient user experience.

The HONOR 100 Series is fueled by a powerful, high-density 5000mAh3 battery, delivering impressive battery life. The HONOR 100 Series supports 100W super-fast charging and 66W Wireless HONOR SuperCharge, enabling users to quickly recharge their device and enjoy uninterrupted usage throughout the day. The HONOR 100 Pro goes even further with its heat separation technology, allowing users to charge their device without worrying about overheating.

Color and Availability

The HONOR 100 Series is available in: Monet Purple, Butterfly Blue, Moon White, and Midnight Black. Starting from December 1st, the HONOR 100 Series will be available for purchase in China from 2499 RMB. For more information, please visit the HONOR online store at


HONOR is a leading global provider of smart devices. It is dedicated to becoming a global iconic technology brand and creating a new intelligent world for everyone through its powerful products and services. With an unwavering focus on R&D, it is committed to developing technology that empowers people around the globe to go beyond, giving them the freedom to achieve and do more. Offering a range of high-quality smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables to suit every budget, HONOR’s portfolio of innovative, premium and reliable products enable people to become a better version of themselves. 

For more information, please visit HONOR online at or email


1 The screen supports a maximum high-frequency PWM dimming of 3840Hz, which takes effect in low-brightness scenarios. Please refer to the actual experience. The phone is not a medical equipment and is not available for treatment.
2 According to the IEEE Std1789-2015 standard, flickers at 3,125Hz or higher pose no risk to the human eye.
3 Typical value. The rated capacity of the non-removable battery is 4900mAh.

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