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Tablet Collaboration Supported Devices

Supported devices

Tablet  ▶ HONOR Pad View7             HONOR Pad View7 Pro
Foldable phone  ▶ HONOR Magic V

Note: The Share mode is supported by devices running Magic UI 6.0 and later. Please refer to the official website for supported devices and update plan.


The computer is unable to find devices when Tablet Collaboration is on.
  Make sure the tablet is unlocked with the screen on and the Bluetooth and WLAN is enabled.
The Share mode is not supported.
  The Share mode is only supported on HONOR devices running Magic UI 6.0 and later.
Which is the sound output device under the Mirror mode or the Extend mode?
  The computer is the sound output device by default. To switch sound output device, go to Tablet Collaboration > Sound output device on the computer; Or go to Toolbar on the sidebar > Switch audio on the tablet.
How do I arrange the order of the connected devices under the Extend mode or the Share mode?
  The tablet is placed on the right side of the computer by default. You can re-arrange it by going to Display settings > Monitor arrangement.
How to hide or display the sidebar on the tablet?
  On the computer, go to Display settings > Sidebar position to hide/display the sidebar or adjust its position.