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April 24, 2018

HONOR View10 – Be Superfied with the Power of AI

AI Image Super Resolution: Say goodbye to pixels and gain the power to see clearly, no matter the distance. AI enhanced image super resolution ensures that no matter how far you zoom in, photos taken on your HONOR View10 look crystal clear, even on apps like Facebook, Line and Instagram.

AI Intelligent Scene Recognition: With the power of AI, the HONOR View10 can adjust to what you’re looking at before you do. Intelligent Scene Recognition automatically fine tunes your camera settings based on what’s in the frame for the best shot, every time.

6GB + 128GB Memory: Enjoy plenty of storage for even the most storage hungry videos, music, apps and gaming titles, along with the power to enjoy them at their best.

AI Processor: Faster. Stronger. Better. Driven by AI, the Kirin 970 NPU continually optimizes performance, ensuring that your HONOR View10 runs smoothly both now and far into the future.

Real-time Translation: Decipher any language in an instant. AI powered real time translation that learns and adapts opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Intelligent Game Suite: Experience a massive boost for your gaming with network acceleration and high performance gaming mode, or select power saving mode for longer battery life. You can also switch on an exclusive DND mode that ensure you can keep going distraction-free.

Smart Tips: Rise above distraction and stay ahead of the game. Adaptive AI Smart Tips learn from your behavior and offer custom recommendations that adapt to your needs ensure you’re never caught off guard.

HONOR SuperCharge + Long Battery Life: With AI enhanced battery management as well as fast charging, the HONOR View10 gives you the power to recharge in an instant, and the freedom to go longer without needing to.

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