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November 11, 2022

What is RAM? Is 6GB RAM Enough for Phone?

Most people know that RAM is important, but they may not understand what it is or why it's necessary. Here's a quick explanation: RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and it's a type of computer memory that stores data temporarily. This means that information can be accessed more quickly, which is why having enough RAM is crucial for smooth performance of your device.

So, how much RAM do you need? That depends on the type of phone you have and what you use it for. A 6GB RAM phone should be plenty for most people, although if you tend to run lots of apps at once or like to play high-end games, you may want a model with 8GB or even 12GB of RAM. Still confused? Keep reading for more detail on how much RAM your phone needs.

Is 6GB RAM Enough for Phone?

The benefits of more RAM

The RAM we know today is not what it used to be 10 years ago. During those times, android phones only have 500MB or 1GB of memory. But as further innovation and development kicked in, especially in the field of information technology, RAM started to become bigger. In 2014, most phones had 3GB or 4GB of RAM, which was quite the standard during those years, and then right now, that 4GB is considered just the bare minimum.

So, what does this development say? It implies that the development of RAM is proportionate to the ballooning demand of people and the continued development of various applications. Bigger RAM means a better experience using the applications you want to download. RAM, after all, is used to accelerate things in general. Bigger RAM also means more memory and data that you can store, which can be immediately freed as soon as a process requires.

In addition, a bigger RAM ensures that applications running in the background run smoothly, even in instances where you use RAM-hungry apps like PUBG in the foreground. This means that RAM is a multitasker that ensures your phone's functionality. And this means that the bigger it is, the more work it can do; hence more RAM equals a snappier performance.

How much RAM does a phone need?

If you are asking, "is 6GB RAM enough for a phone" or "how much RAM does a phone need" then one of the most important considerations is the apps you plan to use and download. Knowing the memory usage of the apps you want can help you grasp how much RAM you might need.

Now, based on the amount of memory they need to operate, apps can be divided into four groups, namely:

1. Daily Drivers. These apps do not have media files, so they are easier to load. And since they do not contain much media, the space they take is smaller, typically just 200 – 300MB. Given this, if you have 3GB, you can use up to 15 apps simultaneously, switch among them, and not lose data.
2. Popular Media Apps. These applications are the popular social media apps you use, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and more. Given their features, the apps in this group take more RAM than those in the daily drivers, typically 400MB – 800MB. Just take the many photos and videos Facebook needs to load until you can say that your browsing experience is smooth scrolling.
3. Heavy Games. In terms of memory usage, heavy games are such a load. Games like Mobile Legends, PUBG, Asphalt, and others belong to this category. However, the size of these games is not the same figure of memory space they take. For example, PUBG's size is 3GB, but it does not mean that the memory it takes is 3GB, as in reality, heavy games only take 800MB to 1.2GB.
4. Browsers. You might think heavy games are the heaviest, but they are not; they are browsers. Regarding active memory consumption, browsers leave the other in the dust. Why? Because every tab you open in a browser will cost as much as 400MB. Hence, if you open 6 tabs, the conservative estimate is around 1.5GB.

Is 6GB of RAM enough for a phone?

Is 6GB of RAM enough for a phone? Well, it really depends on what you plan to do. But 6GB, in most cases, is already enough.

4GB is the bare minimum, you can have some medium games along with the operating system, but that's it; you will lack space for any addition. Hence it is best for people who only use their phones limitedly.

On the other hand, 6GB is a good choice. Phones with this RAM are highly affordable. One good example of a smartphone with 6GB RAM is the HONOR X8 5G which is not only affordable and has enough space but is also efficient (5000mAh battery) In 6GB, you can have around 4GB of available memory. You can even play two heavy games simultaneously while having social media apps run in the background and not encounter any problems.

Given this, 6GB is, therefore, enough for a phone, and anything more than it is more than enough.

FAQs about Is 6GB RAM Enough for Phone

1. Is 6GB RAM enough for Android 12?

Yes, 6GB is the minimum RAM for Android 12. With this RAM, you are assured of using and switching different applications be it social media apps or heavy games without problems.

2. What happens if I don’t have enough RAM?

Remember that RAM ensures smooth operation so if you do not have enough RAM, you might experience freezing or slow operation. This typically happens because there is no space to further handle the data that is piling up from the apps you have.

3. Is it better to have more RAM?

Having more RAM essentially allows you to multitask. So if you have more RAM, running or playing apps in the background and foreground simultaneously will not be a problem at all.

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