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November 17, 2022

8 tips to master outdoor photography with HONOR Magic4 Pro

tips to master photography with magic 4 pro

8 tips to master outdoor photography with HONOR Magic4 Pro
As the weather is getting cooler, you must think of going out more, inhale some fresh air, and enjoy the places you can’t usually enjoy during the summer season. But the happy outings need to be memorized with some good shots.
Taking outdoor pictures would seem very appealing. However, the outdoor surroundings and conditions would come through the way of taking the flawless shot. That’s why you need to consider some outdoor photography tips and tricks and get acquainted with some ideas to make use of in your next outing.
Why would we recommend HONOR Magic4 Pro, in particular, for that purpose? This flagship smartphone has proved its effectiveness as a reliable photography tool that with enhance your photography experience with its advanced features whether in camera, display, or so many other aspects.

Why is HONOR Magic4 Pro perfect for outdoor photography?
Wide and landscape sceneries have one phone!
HONOR Magic4 Pro was made for the wide and landscape scenes, thanks to the 50 MP camera with the 122o Ultra-Wide Angle, and the f/2.2 aperture, which grants you with breathtaking shots. If you are out in the desert or relaxing by the beach and saw something interesting far away, you can use the 3.5 focal zooms since the camera supports 100x zoom to bring the far closer with the best resolution.
And to go further with your landscape photos, you can use Panorama mode, in order to capture a vast scene that shows more details.

tips to master photography with magic 4 pro

Low lighting? You can still capture well
When the sun goes down, don’t worry about taking photos with good quality, since the phone comes with 64MP telephoto lens, which is perfect for the low-lighting conditions.
Also, the Night Mode will help maintain the vividness of colors and the clearness of the details with its large aperture and extra-large sensor.

Zoom in with no worries
We have always been told not to use the “Zoom” option while taking pictures because it does degrade the resolution and produces low-quality photos. This might be the case with most smartphones. However, other advanced smartphones, like HONOR Magic4 Pro, which grants you with proper zoom without compromising the resolution or quality.
The Periscopic Telephoto 64 MP Camera was made to capture the beautiful far scenes and bring them closer, thanks to the 3.5x optical zoom and the 100x digital zoom.

tips to master photography with magic 4 pro

Don’t forget to take some memorable videos
You won’t love to leave the breathtaking sceneries without capturing some memorizing videos. Here comes the HONOR Magic-Log Movie Master with the AI Film Effects technology, which will grant you with some cinematic scenes that you will absolutely love.
You also can create tons of beautiful photos with the use of one video. As HONOR Magic4 Pro allows you to capture any shot you loved in a video you have already taken, even those that are taken in low-light conditions.

Portraits at its finest
HONOR Magic4 Pro comes with the stunning Bokeh effects, and 8x8 dTOF Laser Focusing System that will complement your portraits even more by focusing on yourself with an attractive background and adjusting the colors as your preference.

Enhance with HDR
The beautiful sceneries of nature, the historical places and the city life kind of photos, all will love the HDR feature which will enhance the contrast, ensuring that every element of your photo is well-shown.

tips to master photography with magic 4 pro

Stays till the last shot! If you are still in search of a good smartphone that is perfect for photography and can stand with you for a long time, then you need to think about HONOR Magic4 Pro, which has a battery capacity of 4500 mAh, exceeding the recommended battery capacity for smartphone photography, which estimated with 4000 mAh.
Moreover, you can depend on the long-lasting HONOR 100W SuperCharge battery that will stay with you until the last shot.

Time lapse videos are the best
Outdoor photography will inspire you with so many good shots. While outdoor videography is no less. People love to shoot videos with time-lapse for its dramatical feel. And no wonder, it attracts the eyes of people like no other kind of videos. I mean if you come across a video with a time-lapse on your feed, most probably you will stop and watch. HONOR Magic4 Pro comes with a time-lapse mode to shoot the beautiful nature or the crowded city life with a unique way.

No sweats to keep capturing all day long
Long hours of shooting will probably cause your palm to get sweated. HONOR Magic4 Pro cares about the tiny little details of the photography stages, hence, it’s packed with an ultra-thin VC liquid cooling system and AI heat dissipation, which keeps your phone cool all the way long, and keeps you away from sweating.

What are the most important tips and tricks for shooting outside?
1- Timing is everything
What feeling do you want your photo to convey? Warmth? Then you might need to shoot during the golden hour. Fanciness and exquisiteness? Then you might choose a beautiful spot to capture your photo at night. Dreamy? Then you might need to wait until it’s cloudy or until the rain pours down. Every time would tell something.
2- Clean your lens
Yes, it’s as simple as that. You might capture a perfect shot and take every opportunity to come up with a beautiful photo, and then it turns out to be a blurred or unclear one because your lens is not clean enough. Make sure to clean your lens and have it ready before capturing your photos. A washed piece of microfiber cloth or a clean tissue will do the work for you.

tips to master photography with magic 4 pro

3- Maintain your camera stability
For your photo to avoid being blurry or fuzzy, you need to keep your smartphone stable. If you find it hard to keep the camera stable while holding it with your hands, you can simply use a tripod or a stabilizer.
4- Get low for landscapes
While you are trying to get the most out of outdoor photography, you need to consider some different postures for the different types of pictures. For the landscape, consider bending down to take your photograph of a beach, sand dunes, forest, or any other natural scenery. Showing the elongated foreground will complement your photo by adding more depth and showing more details. Enhance those kinds of photos by using the panorama mode in your HONOR Magic4 Pro to add more depth to the photo.

tips to master photography with magic 4 pro

5- Think about the battery!
This might seem too ridiculous to say. However, we sometimes got surprised that our batteries run out in the middle of enjoying capturing some good scenery. Hence, you need to think about the battery life if you wish to enjoy some uninterruptible outdoor photography. As mentioned, HONOR Magic4 Pro grants you with long-lasting battery that will stay with you throughout a full day of shooting.
6- Don’t be frustrated with the sun
Handling the sunlight could be the most challenging part of outdoor photography. However, it could be as simple as keeping the sun behind you. Or find a partly shadowed place to make use of the sunlight while avoiding over-exposure. It’s not also recommended to start shooting under the harsh sun, wait until it goes down a little bit in order to avoid ruining your photo.
7- Think about the composition
Imagine your photo in your head before capturing it. That will help to picture the composition beforehand. First, think about your focal point. Which subject or element would you like people to see first in the picture? Place this focal point in the picture. Sometimes you need to place it in the middle of the picture. Other times it’s great to clear the center of the picture and place the subject on either side to form a more interesting composition using other elements.
Now, you can assign complementary elements in your photo to complete the scene. Now, turn on your phone camera and capture it. Keep taking many pictures until you capture the best one.

tips to master photography with magic 4 pro

8- You won’t go wrong with composition rules
Composition rules, such as the rule of thirds, golden ration, symmetry, and other photography rules will help you take the most amazing photos. It’s easy to be learned especially since most smartphones nowadays have leading lines in their camera settings, which divide the screen into 9 equal parts, helping you make use of those rules in an attainable way.
HONOR Magic4 Pro comes with leading lines to help you with implementing the composition rules the best way you can.

How can you set up your phone camera for mobile outdoor photography?
Before you start shooting, think for a while about what settings you need to consider in your smartphone’s camera in order to come up with the perfect shot. Here are our thoughts on how you get your smartphone’s camera ready in order to achieve an outstanding photoshoot.
• Adjust focus
Focus helps with concentrating on your focal point or the main subject that you want to drag people’s eyes toward it. That, in return, will grab all the lighting to be focused on the subject complementing the quality of your photo.
• Adapt exposure
Especially for the outdoor photography, you need to consider adapting the exposure aspect, in order to have clear balanced-exposed photos.
And while adjusting your exposure, don’t forget to control it with the ISO. In low light conditions, consider higher ISO and longer exposure for the best lighting adjustment.
Those settings are easy to control on your HONOR Magic4 Pro. You will find it easy to navigate through the settings and change conveniently.

tips to master photography with magic 4 pro

• Keep your flash off!
I know you’re probably trying to take a perfect shot at night, but you fail each time because of the low light that compromises your photo clearness. You try to use the camera flash in order to give your photo a dose of light to shine. However, your picture never ends up the way you like it to be.
Why? Because the built-in flashes are not able to cover the whole area in the picture with its lighting. So, your photo usually ends up dark or unvivid, or maybe some elements in the picture are not shown at all. The solution is easy. You either choose some places with good lighting, or you use other lighting sources, such as ring flashlights.
• HDR would be your option!
When it comes to outdoor photography for landscapes, HDR is a good choice, as it complements your photo by enhancing the contrast and making your photo a little bit clear and more vivid. It would be perfect if you make use of the HDR option while capturing during the daylight, especially if it’s sunny and bright.

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