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A Letter from Our CEO

We believe that the biggest social responsibility for a technology
company is to inspire people with the smart technology and to
create a more imaginative future, thus more and more people
can benefit from our products and services.

ESG is a sustainable development path. We have the patience
and confidence to make HONOR green, caring and responsible.
Stay with HONOR for a shared honor to create a new
intelligent world for everyone.

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A Letter From Our CEO

The world is more globalized as the developing of technology and civilization and it is essential for a company’s sustainable development through a way of protecting our planet and letting everyone to benefit from the technology development.

We believe that the biggest social responsibility for a technology company is to inspire people with the smart technology and to create a more imaginative future, thus more and more people can benefit from our products and services. Our mission is to create a new intelligent world for everyone.

Since we started new HONOR, we integrated the concept of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) into the Company's DNA. In 2021, we set up HONOR ESG committee with the staffs from corporate top management as core team members and determined that HONOR ESG focuses on environmental protection, tech for good, supplier CSR, employee development, privacy, youth empowerment, and responsible governance. We will advance our businesses based on the aspects mentioned above to achieve sustainable development of the enterprise.


We have always adhered to the principle of reducing impact on the environment. We introduce the concept of green and circular economy into the design of products, and continuously optimize the green indicators of products through the carbon footprint evaluation of the product lifecycle to reduce the demand for resources and energy consumption. We gradually increase the use of clean energy during the operation, carry out energy conservation and consumption reduction activities with partners across supply chain to reduce the impact on climate change. In addition, we engage with industry organizations, such as UNGC and China Association of Circular Economy, to achieve a green life.

Caring HONOR

We understand that the value of science and technology not only lies in the strength of products but also on the good use of science and technology to bridge the digital divide and benefit all users. We hope everyone can have equal access to the value brought by technology through continuous innovation.

The accessibility function of HONOR products allows tens of millions of people with visual and hearing difficulties to experience the digital world smoothly. The elderly-oriented efforts of HONOR help the elderly to read smoothly and hear clearly. The underage protection and care features of HONOR help minors navigate in the digital world easily and safely. HONOR’s wearable devices bring users customized health management experience. HONOR adheres to the ultimate product experience, and wants to make innovative products and deliver ultimate experience beyond consumers' expectations to create a new intelligent world for everyone.

Privacy-First HONOR

Privacy is a fundamental right. HONOR regards the protection of user privacy as the most important prerequisite for supplying products and services. In each aspect from the initial product design to the ultimate service provision, HONOR thinks seriously about how to better protect user privacy and allow independent control of personal data by users. HONOR will continue providing users with comprehensive privacy protection experience through innovative privacy protection technologies. We will continuously do our best to operate businesses and build a trustworthy brand for our users.

Ecologically Harmonious HONOR

He who travels alone goes fast, but he who travels in company goes far. We live in harmony with all partners and work together to seek common development. HONOR will embrace the world with great enthusiasm and adhere to strict labor and environmental standards together across supply chain partners to build a harmonious industrial eco-system. HONOR regards employees as its precious wealth, and provides employees with reasonable remuneration and benefits and good career development paths to build the best employer brand.

We actively use innovations, AI, and other technologies to empower and encourage young people to make more achievements. The HONOR Talents Global Design Contest was launched in 2020. In the name of "Infinite Imagination", it provides global designers and artists with a design exchange platform for dialogue and reflects the unique technology and art sense of HONOR brand. The Contest keeps providing design talents with an opportunity to show themselves and exchange culture.

Responsible HONOR

HONOR is committed to abiding by all applicable laws and regulations, adhering to the integrity of the business philosophy to carry out the business, observing basic business ethics, investing resources steadily to establish a professional compliance system, and embedding the compliance requirements into the process and business activities end-to-end.

To become a great company, we must choose a responsible path. Consumer centricity is our core value. We will by no means seek business success at the expense of the interests of society and others. Business ethics, compliance operation, privacy protection, cyber security, and information security are the business cornerstones of HONOR. We regard them as the life of the enterprise.

ESG is a sustainable development path. We have the patience and confidence to work with our partners to create a new intelligent world for everyone.

HONOR ESG Milestones

HONOR Releases Inaugural ESG Report and pledges to achieve carbon neutral operations by 2045
Developed HONOR’s ESG strategies
Shenzhen HONOR Smart Machine Co., Ltd was awarded "National Smart Manufacturing Demonstration Factory"
Released HONOR Code of Conduct
Participated the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)
Awarded "2021 Guangdong Excellent Enterprise for Smart Accessibility Innovative Technology and Products"
HONOR ESG committee established
ISO/IEC 27701 system certified
First released environmental protection progress
ISO14001, ISO45001, and ISO27001 system certified

HONOR ESG Strategic Direction

ESG Events

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