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January 8, 2018

Global Music Contest Powered by HONOR & Music Maker JAM

Opens Jan 14 – Closes Jan 31 2017

Happy to finally announce our partnership with Music Maker JAM for the upcoming contest DoubleOrNothing! Best song wins the brand new HONOR 6X!

There are three very different ways to take part in it and we want you to be free and find your own path to victory!

Download Music Maker JAM app and enter the contest now!

1st Category: 2 CREATORS / 2 TRACKS

Take full advantage of the DoubleOrNothing concept by partnering up with a fellow Jammer: create two complementary songs using at least two of the same style packs and name both songs with the same title. Both members of the winning team will be awarded an HONOR 6X!


2nd Category: 1 CREATOR / DOUBLE THE MIX

Show your mixing skills! As a solo contestant, your challenge is to create 1 track and & submit two different but incredible mixes, showing off your ability to re-interpret your own material. If you can do it, you will hit the DoubleOrNothing spirit! Remember to name both songs with the same title and add the hashtag DoubleOrNothing to both of them. Mark your songs by adding ‘Mix. 1’ and ‘Mix. 2’ to the titles. The best mixer wins an HONOR 6X!


Bonus category: SONG + VIDEO = 2

Embrace a whole new creative challenge! Create a new song using at minimum 2 style packs & post it to the community as usual, and then use your talent to create a great music video or video shout-out for your track! Upload the video anywhere on the web (make sure it's public!) and send your video link via email to along with your community name and song title. Your song and video might be featured on Music Maker JAM and qualify you for the final prize HONOR 6X. They will also select top videos for extra promotion…are you ready for fame?!!!


The prizes! A brand new HONOR 6X smartphone will be awarded to all category winners! With an insane 2 day battery life, cutting-edge dual camera and powerful Octa-Core processor, this is THE ultimate device for music creators. Step up your creative game and become a non-stop music making beast, share HD videos with your fans and explore the community, all without having to stop for a recharge. You can learn more about HONOR 6X by this link.

Contest rules in detail:
– Contestants are free to use any style packs. In the 1st Category, the two tracks must have at least two matching style packs.
– Original vocals, recorded via Voice Recording are strongly recommended.
– Your track(s) must be no longer than 5 minutes.
– Share your track(s) on Social Media including DoubleOrNothing and MusicMakerJAM
– No other software/app can be used besides MMJ, as well as any sort of copyrighted material.
– Only 1 track allowed for submission per unique community account (except for jammers participating in the 2nd Category).
– Only new tracks posted during the contest’s duration (Jan 14 – Jan 31) will be taken into consideration.
– Likes and plays in the community won't be taken into consideration when defining the
winning tracks (this rule might change in the future – just hold onto it for now!)

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