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July 27, 2023

How Do I Scan with My Phone?

In today's digital era, scanning files and documents on the go has become a necessity. There are numerous instances where you might require scanning your documents and sharing them with anyone you desire. Luckily, our smartphones offer convenient solutions for this task, eliminating the need for bulky scanners. Wondering how do you scan with your phone? Let us try finding the details.

Scan with My Phone

Use Google Drive to Scan Files and Documents

You can utilize Google Drive to scan and store your files and documents. If you are on Android, you would have Google Drive installed on your phone. Even if it is not installed by default, you can install it from Google Play Store. Once you are assured that Google Drive is installed on your device, move over to the following steps to scan documents to phone using Google Drive:

● Open Google Drive on your Android device and tap on the + (plus) icon.

● Under the option Create New, choose the option Scan

● Position your phone camera on the document and tap on the shutter button.

● Google Drive will scan your document and offer you a preview.

● You can tap on the check mark to keep the scan or tap on the back button to rescan the document.

● After scanning, tap on the plus icon to scan more images or tap on save to save the images that have been scanned.

Use Adobe Scan to Scan Files and Documents

Using third-party scanner apps is a great method to help you scan document with phone. In fact, there are several third-party scanner apps that you can put to great use. A few of them would include Tiny Scanner, Genius Scan, TurboScan, Microsoft Lens, CamScanner, and many more. But, we found Adobe Scan to be one of the excellent tools.

Adobe Scan offers you a great feature to help you scan your documents with ease under the free version. Yet another great feature that would make it a great option is that it does not need you to go through a steep learning curve.

Make sure that you have created an Adobe ID for being able to use the tool. Creating Adobe ID is free, and you do not need a subscription for the purpose.

Follow the steps here below to learn how to scan on your phone using Adobe Scan:

● Launch your Adobe Scan app and log in with Google, Facebook, or your Adobe ID.

● Tap on the screen or the shutter button to scan the document.

● The app will find the borders and adjust it if needed.

● The app Adobe Scan will take the scan

● Adjust the handles for adjusting the borders if you need to.

● Tap on Continue

● Adobe Scan will take multiple scans of the document if needed.

Once the scan is complete, go to the thumbnail and access the editing and save options. Under the editing options, you can crop, rotate, change the colour and apply other editing options to your scanned document. Then tap on Save PDF.

Scan with Built-In Scanning Function in HONOR Phone

There is another convenient method to scan with phone of Android - built-in scanning function in phones. It is especially beneficial for those who need quick access to digital files without the need to buy extra equipment or install third-party applications.

Let’s take HONOR 90 as an example. It comes with an easy-to-use option to help you scan a document.

The steps are as follows:

● Open the camera app on your HONOR 90 smartphone.

● Look for the option to switch to the document scanning mode. It is typically indicated by an icon resembling a page or document.

● Swipe or navigate to the right until you find the "Document Scan" mode.

● Position your phone's camera over the document you want to scan. Ensure that the document is well-aligned and fits within the camera frame.

● Wait for the camera to focus and automatically capture the document. Some phones may require you to manually press the capture button.

● Review the scanned document to ensure it is clear and legible.

● Save the scanned document to your phone's gallery or any preferred location for future use.

Mobile Device Scanning Tips – Things You Need to Check Out

It is definitely a great option to scan paper documents and save them in the PDF format on your device. But, scanning a document on a mobile device may not be as efficient as scanning a document on a laptop using a printer -scanner.

To help you improve the functionality of scanned documents, you can follow a few tips outlined here below:

Use bright, direct lighting on your document

When scanning a document, make sure you have ample lighting. Natural daylight or a well-lit room is ideal. Avoid shadows or dark areas that could affect the clarity of the scanned document. Bright, direct lighting helps capture the details and ensures the text or image is legible.

Hold the device directly above the document

Position your mobile device directly above the document you want to scan. This helps capture the document evenly and prevents distortion. Hold the device steady and parallel to the document surface for a clear and accurate scan.

Use a phone with a higher camera pixel and macro shooting mode

Using a macro mode to scan by phone can help you get better scanned images. Using the higher pixel camera can also be an excellent option to help you get a better image quality. The macro mode on HONOR 90 is indeed a good example to show the perfect image quality of your scanned documents. It’s a better pick when choosing a mobile phone with scanner built-in.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, scanning a document and saving it on your phone or any other device is always essential to help you share your documents with ease. While the scanning option on the printer is always the best one to go with, if you need a scan on the move, the option to scan the document with phone may be important. The steps above and the methods outlined can guide you through the problem of how to scan with phone. Scanning has never been easier and more accessible than it is today, so make sure to get started today and enjoy all the advantages!

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