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August 28, 2023

How to Manage Recently Deleted Apps on Android: Exploring Recovery Methods

In the fast-paced world of technology, apps come and go on our Android devices. Sometimes, we find ourselves unintentionally deleting useful apps, leaving us wondering how to retrieve them. Fortunately, the process of seeing recently deleted apps isn't as complicated as it might seem. In this blog, we'll guide you through two effective methods to retrieve those recently deleted apps and get your digital life back on track. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Manage Recently Deleted Apps on Android

How to See and Recover Recently Deleted Apps?

Whatever smartphone you are using, there are steps you can take to retrieve recently deleted apps and have them back on your screen in no time. Here's how to do it on HONOR X-Series phones:

Via Google Play Store

The Play Store offers a straightforward way to view your recently deleted apps. To know how to find recently deleted apps, use the following steps:

Launch the Google Play Store: Access the Play Store by tapping its colorful icon on your HONOR X-Series phone’s home screen or app drawer.

Open the Menu: Locate the three horizontal lines (hamburger icon) on the top-left corner and tap to reveal the menu.

Go to "My apps & games": Within the menu, select "My apps & games" to access your app library.

Tap on All option: All the installed apps will be visible on the following screen. You can see another option on the screen that says "All" next to the Installed option. All the prior apps that were downloaded using the same account are fully documented and available in all options. From your Google account, you can view the apps that you have downloaded and installed on other devices.

Identify Recently Deleted Apps: Scroll through the list to spot any recently deleted apps marked with a "Recently uninstalled" label. This is the simplest method on how to check recently deleted apps if you have an Android phone.

• Then you can conveniently re-install the application onto your device. Simply mark the checkbox adjacent to it and click the Download button located at the top.

Use Third-Party Utility

For a more comprehensive approach to monitoring app uninstalls, you can utilize third-party utility apps like "DroidKit". It offers a reliable solution to help you retrieve lost apps and files.

So, if you wonder "How do i find recently deleted apps?", dread not. In this section, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of using DroidKit to recover deleted apps and data effortlessly.

Download and Install DroidKit

Start by downloading DroidKit from its official website or a trusted app store to you. Once the download is complete, install the software on your computer.

Launch DroidKit and Select "Data Recovery"

After connecting your device, launch DroidKit on your computer. From the main interface, choose the "Data Recovery" option. Choose APK Files > Hit the Start button to continue.

Connect Your HONOR Device

Establish a connection between your HONOR device and the computer with a USB cable. Make sure the USB debugging is activated on your device to allow DroidKit to access it properly. The program will check your device's root status automatically. After you root your HONOR device, the program will have more access to your deleted data.

Preview and Select Deleted Apps and Data

Wait until the scanning process is over, DroidKit will present a list of recoverable items. You can preview the deleted apps and data to ensure you're selecting the right files.

Recover Deleted Apps and Data

After confirming the files, you want to recover, click on the "Recover" button. You can choose specific APK files to either recover to Device or to PC.

Safely Disconnect Your Device

Once the recovery process is finished, safely disconnect your Android device from the computer.

With this third-party tool's user-friendly interface and effective recovery process, regaining access to deleted apps and data has never been more straightforward. Take control of your data recovery journey and ensure your digital essentials are safeguarded against unforeseen mishaps.

Tips for Successful Recovery

Act Quickly: To increase the chances of successful recovery, don't delay the process after realizing data loss.

Stop Using Your Device: Avoid installing or updating apps, taking photos, or saving new data, as it may overwrite the deleted files.

Regularly Back Up Your Data: Consider using Google drive or DroidKit's backup feature to create a regular backup of your device to avoid data loss in the future.


In conclusion, managing recently deleted apps on Android can be both easy and complex, depending on the method you choose. The Play Store provides a straightforward way to see recently deleted apps, while third-party utility apps offer comprehensive insights into app usage and uninstall.

With these insights and tools in your arsenal, you can confidently manage, monitor, and recover your apps and data, ensuring a smoother and more efficient digital journey. Embrace these strategies, explore the solutions that suit your needs, and enjoy a well-organized and personalized Android experience.

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Why Can't I Find a Deleted App on the Play Store?

Sometimes, when an app is deleted, it may still appear in your Play Store library as "Recently uninstalled" for a short period. However, this label will eventually disappear once the Play Store refreshes its data. If you can't find a deleted app, consider using third-party utilities or recovery software to recover it.

Where Can I Find Downloaded APK on My Device?

Downloaded APK files are usually stored in the "Downloads" folder on your device. You can access this folder using the File Manager app or any file explorer application. If you can't locate it there, try checking the "Documents" or "APK" folder in the internal storage.

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