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August 4, 2023

Why Does My Phone Keep Turning Off?

Are you frustrated with your phone constantly turning off at inconvenient times? This common issue can be both annoying and disruptive to your daily activities. Understanding the reasons behind frequent phone shutdowns can help you address the problem effectively. In this article, we will delve into each of these causes in detail, providing insights and practical solutions to prevent your phone from turning off unexpectedly.

Let's dive in and uncover the reasons why your phone keeps turning off.

Why Does My Phone Keep Turning Off?

Battery Issues

One of the common reasons why your phone keeps turning off is low battery or poor battery health. When your battery reaches a critically low level, the phone automatically shuts down to prevent damage to the battery. It might even be difficult to know how to stop your phone from turning off by itself. Additionally, over time, batteries degrade, leading to poor health and sudden shutdowns. To resolve this issue, try the following steps:

• Charge your phone regularly and avoid letting it reach extremely low battery levels.

• Replace your battery if it shows signs of degradation or doesn't hold a charge for long.

If your phone is still not functioning properly, it means you are dealing with a more serious issue. You should bring your battery to a repair shop for inspection and replacement because it is likely defective. Do not attempt to disassemble the built-in battery yourself as this could cause the entire device to be destroyed.


Another factor that can cause your phone to turn off is overheating. You might even experience phone turning off by itself. When your phone's internal temperature exceeds safe limits, it shuts down as a protective measure. Some common causes of overheating include:

• Playing graphics-intensive games for extended periods.

• Running multiple resource-heavy apps simultaneously.

• Exposing your phone to direct sunlight or hot environments.

To prevent overheating and frequent shutdowns, consider the following steps:

• Give your phone regular breaks during intense usage.

• Close unnecessary apps running in the background.

• Avoid exposing your phone to extreme heat.

Faulty Apps

Another reason as to why does my phone keep turning off by itself is an app. Sometimes, a specific app can be responsible for the frequent shutdowns. It could be due to compatibility issues, software bugs, or conflicts with other apps. To troubleshoot this issue:

• Identify the app that causes the problem by observing if the phone only shuts down when that app is running.

• Update the problematic app to the latest version or reinstall it.

• If the issue persists, consider contacting the app developer for further assistance.

High Load on CPU or Phone Memory

If your phone's CPU or memory is under high load, it can lead to overheating and subsequent shutdowns. This might be your major reason as well as to why does my phone keep turning itself off. This can happen when:

• Running too many apps simultaneously.

• Keeping numerous browser tabs open.

• Installing memory-intensive apps or games.

To optimize your phone's performance and reduce the chances of unexpected shutdowns:

• Close unused apps and browser tabs.

• Uninstall unnecessary apps to free up memory.

• Limit the number of apps running in the background.

As an alternative, you can try individually freezing some of your apps and restarting your phone to see if the issue is resolved.

Reach the Phone's Maximum Lifespan

Sometimes, frequent shutdowns could indicate that your phone has reached its maximum lifespan. Over time, hardware components can wear out, causing performance issues and unexpected shutdowns, making my phone turns off by itself. If your phone is old and experiencing frequent shutdowns, it might be time to consider getting a new phone.

One option to explore is the HONOR 90, a cutting-edge smartphone known for its durability, performance, and long battery life. With its advanced features and reliable hardware, this phone can provide a seamless user experience without the frustration of unexpected shutdowns.

HONOR 90 Long Battery Life

Moreover, it boasts a long-lasting battery of 4,900mAh, ensuring you can stay connected throughout the day without interruption. The advanced camera system captures stunning photos and videos, allowing you to unleash your creativity. Additionally, the HONOR 90's sleek and ergonomic design with 6.75 inches display AMOLED provides a comfortable and visually appealing user experience. Whether you're a photography enthusiast, or simply seeking a reliable and stylish device, the HONOR 90 is an excellent option to consider.


Frequent phone shutdowns can be frustrating and disruptive to your daily activities. By understanding the common causes of this issue, such as low battery life, overheating, problematic apps, high CPU load, or reaching the phone's maximum lifespan, you can take the necessary steps to resolve the problem and mend as to why my phone keeps turning off by itself.

Remember to maintain good battery habits, manage app usage, optimize phone performance, and consider upgrading to a new phone if needed. By following these recommendations, you can minimize the chances as to why does my phone keep turning off unexpectedly and enjoy a smoother user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Phone Keep Turning Off and On by Itself While Charging?

This issue can occur due to a faulty charger, charging port, or software glitch. Try the following solutions:

• Use a different charger and cable to rule out charging-related issues.

• Clean the charging port to remove any debris or dust.

• Restart your phone or perform a soft reset to clear any software glitches.

If the problem persists, consult a professional or contact your phone manufacturer's support for further assistance.

Will a Factory Reset Solve the Problem?

Performing a factory reset can help resolve software-related issues causing the phone randomly turn off. However, keep in mind that this will erase all data on your phone. Before proceeding with a factory reset, back up your important data and follow the manufacturer's instructions for performing the reset. Moreover, if you are using an android phone, make sure that you know your Google Account name and password. You will technically need them to unlock your phone after the factory reset when logging into your system and applications.

Is It Necessary to Send the Phone for Repair?

If you've tried various troubleshooting steps and the frequent shutdown issue persists, it might be necessary to send your phone for repair. This is especially true if the problem is hardware-related, such as a faulty battery or overheating components. Contact your phone manufacturer's support or visit an authorized service center to diagnose and fix the issue.

Remember to check your warranty status and inquire about any potential costs associated with repairs or replacements.

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